Wednesday, February 22, 2012

update: art projects

hello friends!
i figured i'd share some of the photos of the art projects that i've done recently
 that i've accidentally been hoaring in my phone and on my camera.
some of them are super recent, some not. but enjoy!!

this is my addition to the sketch book project, you can learn more 
about it and find out how you can participate in the upcoming projects here!!

and this, my darlings! is my latest project. i made a kaleidoscope a few years ago and have always been fascinated by them. ever since i was little, i wanted to figure out a way to capture all the gorgeous visions you seen in them but i wasn't sure how i wanted to go about. yes, i could certainly paint something like it but i just don't think that would do it justice. so a few weeks ago, i decided to take some photos of my kaleidoscope. i'm hoping to make prints of these soon, once i do a few little tweaks here and there to the original photos, just to make the colors pop a little bit more! so once i do i'll be sure to let you guys know, if you're interested!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

guys, i swear i'm not dead!

well, i'm sure you've all noticed how quiet its been around these parts lately. really, there's no good explanation for it. but i can say that i haven't had much to write about recently and i guess its been taking a toll on the blog. i said a while back that i didn't want to force things with the blog and i didn't want to write about things that didn't mean something, or something i didn't believe in or feel like it was 'me'. i don't want to copy other people's posts and i don't want this blog to be like all the other blogs out there. that would just be silly. i'm not going to write about popular things just because they're popular and it'll get me more pageviews or followers. that's not what i want this thing to be. so, this being said, sometimes i run out of things to say. things get quiet around here. and yea, that sucks. but if you guys just ride out the silence with me, i'm sure i'll come up with some awesome stuff sooner or later! AND if there's anything that you guys would like to see come out of this, let me know!!
 so stay patient, my friends i'll get back into the swing of things soon!
(p.s. if you're wondering how i got my photo to look like that check out 
the stellar post that the darling lauren of the perfect pear wrote up the other day!)

Friday, February 10, 2012

goal: ACHIEVED!!!

i have figured out how to make friendship bracelets people!!!! yahooo!!! be proud of me, i've been wanting to make these things for years. and after watching hours of different youtube videos and reading all kinds of how-to pages on google, my dumb ass has figured it out!! yay! i'm thinking of throwing a few of them into the bracelet sets that i've been working on. i think that they'll be a nice addition. so keep a look out for some new things up in our shop! that's in for me today folks. sorry i've been so quiet recently, been in kind of a funk and attempting to get my head out of it. i really think its just the weather. i'm much happier in the summer. do any of you ever get down in the winter months??? what do you do to get out of it?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

a very special treat from lauren

hey all! i've got a very special treat for you from the lovely lauren of the perfect pear...and super sweet DIY! i hope you guys love it as much as i do, its gorgeous! and i'm pretty certain i'll be making some of my own! xo. holly

Hi to all the lovely Order n' Chaos readers out there! I'm Lauren, from The Perfect Pear and I so happy to be here sharing with you one of my all time favorite ways to add some prettiness to your house this valentines! 
There you go! A totally cute garland that can also double as a photo backdrop! :) Happy Valentines!
Much love, Lauren

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