Sunday, August 26, 2012

jukebox sunday

hot guys, a guitar and a funky beat. that's all you really need to know. IAMDYNAMITE with 'where will we go' seriously, you're gonna dig it!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gots me a new phone!

Hey all! So I got a new phone and its got this neato app thinger for blogger, so I can post via my phone! How cool right?! So now maybe I'll be able to write a little more and post more often. Yay! That's all.

<3 Holly

Sunday, August 19, 2012

jukebox sunday- my biggest influence

this week is dedicated to one of my all time most favoritest artist of the world....there aren't enough perfect adjectives for this woman. mother fucking fiona apple. do i really have to say more??? no? whatever...i will anyway. i love her. always have. since criminal came out on the radio in the mid 90's....that video changed me like nothing else in music ever has/ will. so instead of my going on and on and on about how much i adore her and trying to convince you that i'm her 'biggest fan of all time'....just listen and watch this amazing video. 'every single night' by fiona apple....enjoy or die. jkjk! :D

Sunday, August 12, 2012

jukebox sunday

hey guys!! so this week's jukebox sunday is a song that they've been playing on the radio nonstop for the past few weeks and at first i really didn't like it but its growing on me. i haven't heard anything else from this band but this songs definitely makes me want to give them another listen!! so check it out and let me know what you guys think...its the silversun pickups with 'bloody mary', enjoy!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

jukebox sunday

happy august!!!! for this week, i'm going to take you guys back in time a bit. this is a band my dad introduced me to along time ago and everytime this song comes on the radio, he sings, which just makes me sooooo incredibly happy i can't really explain it. but i'm sure you've heard this at least once in your life, unless you live under a rock. enjoy.....its the doobie brothers. black water. <3

Thursday, August 2, 2012

a recent purchase and halloween plans

so i was feeling down today, i figured i'd do a little bit of online retail therapy. my go to as of recently has of course been good ol' etsy. love that place! any ways...halloween  (for me at the very least) is just around the corner! i adore halloween. everything about it just sends my into a inspirational whirlwind! sketching, sewing, makuping! loooooove it!

this year, *figers crossed* i will be working at kennywood's phantom fright nights as a special effects makeup artist. so. excited. and with this new job title comes the opportunity to dress up after doing everyone else's makeup and scaring folks in and around the park for the rest of the evening. soooooo not only do i get to do makeup, get paid for it and be awesome, but i get to do my own makeup and scare people and get paid for it! yay! i've been planning my costumes already and i've done the preliminary sketches for the costumes and plan on starting my sewing with in the next few weeks. i thought you guys would enjoy seeing here ya go!!

not the best photos, i know. apologies, apologies. but you get the basic idea. the one on the left is a zombie alice in wonderland and the one of the right is little red riding hood after her encounter with the wolf. its gonna be amaze-balls!!! so in addition to sewing and doing special effects on my self, i also will be doing a bit of fashion makeup along with it on myself. here comes that recent purchase i was talking about....i plan on doing some very dark eye makeup and i really wanted some nice black eyeshadow. i went to ulta and checked out some of the expensive brand, urban decay, two face, ulta brand...they had some nice shades, and i liked 3 that i found BUT they were wayyyyyyy way too much. $18 for an once of shadow. too much. i decided to check out the internets. i found noella beauty works on etsy, they have lovely shades in natural mineral makeup and i found 2 shades that i really like. so i got em'


how gorgeous are those?!?!?! i can't wait for them to come in the mail so that i can play with them and do all kinds of crazy looks! i just want to go out one night dressed up like a rocker with crazy black eye makeup, so excited!! i love the heavy metal look lately! grunge/ heavy metal/ hard rock! hell yea!!! 

well that's about it for me! what have you guys been spending your hard earned money on lately??? 


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