Monday, February 28, 2011

OMG an actual project and internet thingers....

ehh yea, i've been kind of a bad blogger this week thus far. i know. so i thought i'd make it up to you by posting one of my projects (that i was working on this morning, as a last minute thing) it's for my love's mother. she's involved with the odyssey of the mind projects for one of the neighboring schools around here. and they're having some sort of thing for the 25th anniversary that's coming up. so i refined one of their t-shirt designs that one of the kids drew up. it's really nothing special. actually i wish i could have taken more time with it. but she needed it like two days ago and she just gave it to me last night while we were over there for dinner.

the top version is the one that the kid did and the lower one is the one that i refined. i know it's nothing special, but i just wanted to share it with you. i think it turned out rather well for having such limited amount of time to work on it.

so, my love and i are really into adventure time on cartoon network. it's a super funny show, just completely fucking ridiculous. and i love it! my favorite character on there is this little computer/ video game console named Beemo. it's adorable and quinn really like beemo too! so i drew a picture to show the world how much i loves beemo! i think i only took about 45 minutes to work on this. but i still think its really cute.

i hope you guys like it! 

so internet thingers....
i just started following a million people on twitter... yep O&C have a twitter page! follow us @ ORDERnCHAOSpitt
and in my journeys of stalking millions (not really millions) of people i found one of my favorite artists, amanda fucking palmer. yea she's on twitter too. everyone is. and also i found her blog and will be cyber stalking her as well haha! check her out, she has a bunch of neato picture and videos as well as a lot of really interesting and thought provoking articles.

i kind of really love her.

that's it for now, i actually have work to do. not that i want to do it, but yea you know...


Why is it...

That I only ever feel like blogging late at night? Or when drunk. Or some combination of the two. Anyway, it's Coco again, here to talk to you about stuff! Crafty stuff! And some mild fuckery.

So let's get started then. After my last mini-post I went out for a day of shopping with my good friend Steve. Our first stop was Best Buy where I scored some decently-priced CDs, an iTunes gift card, and just about the coolest iPod dock/CD player/radio thing EVER (I promise pics when I figure out how to get it set up and working). After Best Buy, we headed to the craft store where I came up with what I thought was a brilliant idea; I decided to let Steve pick the materials I would work with on my next project. As a designer and artist I am always afraid that I am falling into patterns and using the same colors and materials and I want to combat that by letting others choose items that I normally wouldn't and letting myself get inspired by them, so I told Steve to pick out some beads. I figured that it would be nice to have a masculine touch (although not too too masculine ;D) as well, especially since he yelled at me on the car ride over that Order & Chaos needs to focus on men too. He picked out some round black glass beads half-dipped in an iridescent glaze. Since the beads he chose were indeed nice and included in a two-for sale, I told him he could pick out another kind too. BAD IDEA. Never let a gay guy shop with your money. He came back to me no less than a dozen times with various beads, chains, and doodads that he coerced me into buying by saying things like "These are strange, but I know you can do something with them" and "I know you said 'no more' but these are on clearance and I think you'd like them". Less than twenty minutes later I was standing at the checkout with my hands full of items handpicked by Steve and a few basics that I needed.
Here are just some of the items chosen by Steve displayed artfully on a table at Panera Bread where we had lunch.
Speaking of Panera, I know fiestaware-colored murals with "subtle" loaves of bread and grains are Panera's decor of choice BUT WHAT THE FUCKING 90'S CLIP ART IS THIS!?
Seriously? I'm like the least artistic person on Earth and I could doodle something better than that man. And just what is he eyeing those loaves of bread like that for? I spent my entire lunch staring at this and thinking "The only thing that could possibly be worse than this is if they had wall art featuring screen beans."
Can you picture these guys silhouetted on a background not dissimilar to the one above except with a baguette and a croissant above their heads and perhaps a latte in hand? Dear lord I hope I'm not giving them ideas here. I need to get back on subject.

I think I am going to use some of the beads and items above to create a MANLY line of jewelry. In fact, I'll call it the MANLY line, because I am creative like that and that is the name I came up with as I was thinking about it in the shower this morning. But worry not ladies, I've still got plenty of pretty, flowery ideas floating around in this head of mine (and some fairly unisex ones too). I suppose I could continue to go on about my day out but I don't think anyone would really be interested in me talking about how I spent nearly $500 just wandering around the Waterfront [Code name: "West Mifflin"] with a friend. Instead I'll get some sleep and maybe wake up early and at least begin some kind of craftsy project that I can post on here and share with you all instead of just ripping on bad digital collages at chain restaurants. I hope to hit you up soon with pics, projects, and ideas galore! And sobriety.

Love & Kisses,

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Things forgotten, like Facebook and Twitter, and other such ramblings.

I have like ten minutes before my friend shows up for us to go shopping down at the Waterfront but I figured I'd squeeze a quick post in anyway (thank god he is used to me being late for everything, haha).

First and foremost we here at Order and Chaos now have a Facebook page and a Twitter. Please 'like' and follow us. We adore stalkers!

I realize that I forgot a few bands and artists in my little cheer up love fest yesterday so I'll name them now.

Shiina Ringo has topped my favorites list for years now. This song in particular has always amazed me because of how good her English is and how true it is to the the Japanese it was originally recorded in. Not to mention that the video is gorgeous and she looks stunning as a blonde.
Zee Avi never ceases to cheer me up with her amazing voice and songwriting. I love this song in particular because of how honest the lyrics are.

And Steve is here so I gotta go now.

Beeteedubs, I hate you Holly. I just bought the Coco Momiji for myself.

Love and Kisses,
Coco (who will soon have a Twitter).

frugal friday and other fun things i've found on the internet....

hello lovers! 

well, its friday, so i guess you know what's coming next...yep frugal friday. i've been working on this one for the past few days and i really like it. it's really simple but i like the design. and beyond that, i like the clothes. (excuse my writing today, if it doesn't make much sense, it's because i'm in starbucks writing this. yea i know, lame. but it's like stimulus overload. a million people, plus checking my phone every two seconds to see if quinn has called so that i can escape this hipster filled hell) well... frugal fridays. yea. 

i'm learning to properly edit these weird-ass things from polyvore, or anything from the internet as a matter of fact. also, i'm waiting for my tea to cool down, and then maybe i can drink it, calm down and not be so distracted by these weirdos in starbucks. is it strange that even though i come here every friday, normally around the same time, to wait on quinn and i always feel so ridiculous and pretentious. i try and avoid the windows at all cost, in hopes no one that knows me will see me sitting in here, sipping on good tea out of a douchy paper cup? most of the time i have some sort of hood over my head, like i'm incognito. i must be a fool. i should just go find another place to sit for a half hour and wait. but i don't. ugghh....

soo the above was written last night at about 6:25 and its now 10:53 saturday morning. i suck at life. haha! no actually, quinn came and rescued me from starbucks, we came home, ate dinner and fell asleep. we're so cool! so my frugal friday is now... umm... sale savvy saturday? yea... we'll go with that...

next week i'm hoping to ACTUALLY post frugal friday, on friday.

ALRIGHT.... now for fun internet things. get ready!

this little girl is just amazing. Gaga herself actually posted this on twitter the other day and i just about fell in love with this little one! she's so talented.

i found this one via etsy on twitter. some times they post some really interesting things! and truth be told, that's how i normally find my interesting internet thingers. i'm a lazy blogger :)

(how adorable is this little sailor dress! i want one so badly)
(i love the colors and composition!)
(i would definitely hang this on my wall!)

i don't think i've told you guys about my love of momiji dolls. when quinn and i were in florida this past october, i found my first momiji in the china section of disney's epcot. her name is snuggle.
i was so in love. after that, like a fiend i snagged up 5 more off their website. i now have 6 beautiful momiji dolls and i love everyone of them. but snuggle is still my favorite. she's so precious. besides stalking their website every couple of days for new dolls, i also follow them on twitter, their blog and facebook! i'm alittle bit obsessed. their blog is filled with fun pictures of their adventures as well as fun projects you can do at home! they recently came out with a new doll collection that i'm so infatuated with, and am probably going to buy at least one of them when i'm finished writing this post! haha! they're the book club! and they're adorable... take a look!
how sweet! my favorites are the two in the very front, especially the one in blue! can anyone guess why??? i'll give you a hint... look at her hair, what color is it? haha! gotta support my fellow red heads :)

you can check out more of their absolutely gorgeous dolls on their website and their blog!

i would also like to promote this girl's work, i follow her work on deviantart and not only is all of her stuff super super cute, it's also very reasonable as far as price! it's a bunch of kawaii jewelry and accessories. she also makes a lot of  really yummy smelling body wash and other fun bath and body items. check it out!

i think that's about it for now kids! later on, i'll post some work in progress pictures of the art i'm working on. and hopefully tomorrow some pictures from the LADY GAGA CONCERT that amanda and i are going to tonight! yea, be jealous! ha!


Do yourself a favor, darling; step down from the broken chair. The comfort that you're looking for is surely not up there.

Long-winded rhyming post titles mean it is once again time for Coco to fill your screens with semi-informative, at times important, and always rambling content. Yey! I'm also tipsy at the moment, so there's that too. I had a pretty bad day today. Plans I had been looking forward to for weeks got changed in such a way that it wasn't really possible for me to go and that brought me down. So being down I turned to my usual methods of comforting myself. Let me share them with you.

Method 1: Sleep.
Once it became apparent that I was going to spend the day at home I took a nice lovely nap with my cat. I woke feeling pissed.

Method 2: Music.
There are bands and artists that I adore simply because they can bring me out of a funk and cheer me up almost instantly, let me tell you of them. But first, let me warn you that my taste in music is quite global and eclectic. I am in no way trying to pretend to be normal.

Olivia Lufkin, known professionally as OLIVIA is one of my absolute favorite artists. I love her voice and her style.
Florence & The Machine. I found this delightful artist quite recently and I must say I love her.
Kate Nash. I think I must have a thing for redheads.
The Jane Austen Argument. As you can no doubt tell, I adore this band. Sorry for the live but they are so young of a band that they haven't any real music videos. They do, however; have an EP for download on Bandcamp. It will be the best $5 you ever spend, I promise you.
Foxy Shazam may be the only reason I go to Warped Tour this summer.
Punchline. They have better music videos but I threw this on here for Amanda and Holly because it was filmed at Douglas a few months after they were there.
Epik High. I know this video is about as serious as the last one, but their music is seriously amazing.

It is a rare day that music fails to brighten my mood. Today was one of those days. So I moved on to method 3.

Method 3: Reading.
I read quite a bit. My current read is:
This is a kooky tale of murder, revenge, social satire, and karaoke. I took a bit of a gamble on this book since it was by an author I have never read before but damn am I glad I bought it. I am having a hard time putting it down.

My next read shall be:
This is a historic fiction piece about Alice Liddell Hargreaves, the girl who inspired the famous story of a girl who falls down a rabbit hole. The cover intrigued me and I picked it up and flipped through it until I found something that caught my eye. Before I knew it I had read four chapters and the bookstore nazi's were standing over me giving me the "You gonna buy that or what?" stare.

People say that it is terrible to judge a book by its cover but I so often do and I very seldom regret it. In fact, I have discovered numerous great authors and passed them along to friends because of my method of choosing books. Even my wardrobe has been impacted by my taste in literature. As of today I now own two pairs of Fucksox; striped socks inspired by the favorite saying of Abby Normal, a character in Christopher Moore's You Suck and Bite Me.

I also had the pleasure of recently purchasing a t-shirt featuring the entire "I believe" speech from Neil Gaiman's amazing American Gods I kid you not when I say that this may be the most amazing paragraph ever written in what may be one of my favorite books of all time (which they are releasing an anniversary edition of soon that I want more than life itself!). Below you can see the author himself modeling the shirt and a necklace that I also bought off of the site.

As you can probably tell, I tend to spend more money when I am upset so method four should be easy to guess.

Method 4: Emotional Shopping.
I once spent $195 on import CDs when my favorite hockey team lost a playoff game. Today was much more tame. My purchases included some lottery tickets, liquor, and a trip to the mall to have my nails done with my brother's girlfriend that turned into punching more holes in my ear since the nail places were full and not accepting any more clients. About an $85 price tag for the day, including dinner which is actually probably less than I would have spent if my plans hadn't been killed.

Method 5: Comfort Food.
Namely, chocolate. Copious amounts of it. I ate light at dinner just so I could order the most decadently chocolate dessert on the menu without guilt.

Method 6: Drinking, which is where you now find me.
And honestly, what is a bit of guilt in the face of a nice big haul from the state store? After a Jack and Coke or two all of those pesky "You really shouldn't have done that" and "You're on a diet" thoughts just slip away. Fortunately my consciousness is doing the same so I'mma head to bed as soon as I wrap this up. I hope this has shown you a bit of what makes me tick and inspires me and hasn't just been an entry full of me venting. I'm off to bed now so let the process begin anew.

Love and kisses,

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just a quick shoutout.

Anon, darling; I love you.

For the sake of avoiding flounces, I am going to try my hardest not to get political here; but I don't think anyone likes these clowns over at the Westboro Baptist Church and today my beloved Anonymous decided that he had had enough of their fuckery and hacked their site to leave them a lovely message.

What a well-played and lovely piece of prose.

Way to fuckin' go, Anon. Keep up the good work.

Much love and endless kisses,

dear redvelvet, i love you. love, holly

dear god! is there anything that this woman does that isn't perfection??? elsie flannigan you are my hero!

this is the look book video for red velvet's spring/summer collection and i just about died when i watched it. died from sheer love! here ya go, kiddos!

Red Velvet Lookbook // Spring 2011 from elsie flannigan on Vimeo.



(P.s. frugal friday is tomorrow! so check back for some neato stuff!!)

apologetic holly is apologetic.

yo, yo, yiggity yo!

uggg, this is going to be short and rather boring, i apologize. not only for this lame post, but for my absence with in the last couple of days. my life has been absolutely nuts the last few days, i had to fill in for my boss, who is sick, and worked an 11.5 hour shift yesterday. i had to get a ride off of amanda to get home and she was late getting out of work, so i got home really really really really late. instead of getting home at 5 last night, i got home at like 10:30. i had full intentions of blogging yesterday, but during the day my brain turned to mush. i was a zombie holly. it was painful, to say the least. 

but fear not blog followers! i hope to be putting something interesting up later this evening and frugal fridays is tomorrow! i've been working on my FF segment the last few days in between all of my chaos!  yea, if you didn't already know.... i am the chaos end of order & chaos! 

that's about it for right now lovers!


Disregard that, ...

So y'know how I said I was gonna spend my free time crafting a few days ago? Well, that didn't happen. I attempted to work on a project for a friend that I agreed to months ago but after burning four fingers, ruining mom's dish towel, and still not getting a workable piece I decided to give up on plastic for a while (sorry Ashley! You'll get it eventually, I promise!). This means my primary medium for a while will be beads. I like beads. Beads are nice. Beads don't get stuck under your fingernails and make the house smell like burnt grilled cheese. In fact, beads seldom misbehave at all, and when they do I just flick them across the room and watch the cats chase and, eventually; bury them in the litter box. Unfortunately beads are a lot more labor intensive on my hands. Crimping tiny metal cylinders, gripping wire between my fingers, and stringing beads one at a time is killer on my already bad hands; and of course all of the projects I have planned are elaborate and multi-strand. So I guess my goings will be slow for a while, at least on the productivity front. But at least I can still blog and surf the internet, which is what I did last night. And I came across these:

I think I want them more than life itself. Actually all of the dresses in their plus size collection are amazing. I've always had a thing for retro fashion and cute prints and I am slowly bringing it back. The other day I wore a ribbon headband that I made myself over a year ago for the first time since I made it.

Innit cute? It was inspired by a Japanese magazine that Holly picked up in New York. There was a segment in there featuring hundreds of adorable headbands and how to wear them. It really got me in the mood to wear some but I didn't have any so I whipped out some ribbon and spare elastic and made myself one. Recently I've been wearing a lot of cute headbands and hairclips to work. I sometimes feel that the designs I choose are a bit too young-looking for me but the reaction from customers is generally positive and they make me smile so I don't really care. I guess I'm really just a kid at heart. I mean, just look at my artwork.

You're jealous.

Love & kisses,

Monday, February 21, 2011


i get into these kicks every once in a while and i become ridiculously obsessed with certain things. right now its etsy, polyvore and the red velvet shop. so don't be surprised if that's all you here from me for a while. but anyhoozle... i was fumbling around polyvore this evening while procrastinating here at work and for this super killer collection someone put together and i would like to share it with you. it's kind of a throw back to my semi-goth days. yea, i tried the whole goth thing, it really didn't work. i'm more sunshiny than that. i dunno, but i can't help not going back to it every now and again. i really like the fashion of that subculture and i think i always will. if you notice, at times, i'll try and throw alittle goth into what i'm wearing. whether it be a necklace, or some sort of shirt. i still adore the darker side of fashion. so here ya go!

Black 2

so check out this set, it's pretty stellar! 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

my spring colors!

hello loves! 

so i know it's only february, but this time of year i feel like spring is right around the corner. so in preparation of the upcoming season, i'm going to give you me favorite colors for spring! i love getting ready for warm weather and renewing my wardrobe and pulling out what i wore last year and putting a new spin on it! can you tell i have a thing for fashion?? ha! anyhoozle... here they are, my spring colors!

Coral Cluster Necklace
$122 -
Beach necklaces »

Ami Drops, Kiwi
$138 -
Beading jewelry »

Little brown owl earrings (+)
8.50 GBP -
Brown jewelry »

Alkemie + Peace Sign Buckle
$240 -
Buckle belts »

Coral Reef Nail Polish
$2.80 -

i'm super excited for spring, i can't wait! i'm going to be wearing a lot of these colors, and a few others that i'll be posting later.

also, with in the next couple of days, i'm hoping to be posting a few pictures of things i've been working on. amanda and i are going to see lady gaga this upcoming saturday and i've made a few necklaces that i'm planning on wearing! i'm super stoked! i'm spending the weekend of at my boyfriends and i don't have any of my crafty things here. but i've been working on a digital art piece that i've been working on all weekend and i'm really excited to share it with everyone! 


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