Tuesday, December 27, 2011

november & december in photos

hey everybody, i'm back with a crap ton of photos from my phone that i've been hoarding for about 2ish months. be prepared for all kinds of photos!!! you have been warned!!!

doodles in my notebook for a story i'm trying to work out.

 jessi asleep at our last show hahah!
 i thought i should take a photo of this head band and i, because we matched!
 our table and our new show banner
 amanda jean jelly bean
 amanda modeling the miss piggy fingerless gloves she had just finished. how cute?!?
 my mushrooms made it into the latest issue of 'the original' a local pittsburgh magazine

 the glass wear that i found in my nanners' basement!! how amazing!
 a polaroid i found of my mommy, most likely on her birthday (pre-holly)
 i'm making something sparkly to wear out on my birthday this friday! 
i might make this a diy for le blog

 making bracelets
 making hand painted wooden pendants!

 dad and i went to ihop for christmas eve breakfast and he only got eggnog pancakes and they were the biggest pancakes either one of us had ever seen!! hahha! he didn't finish them....

 this is my christmas gift from the lovely amanda! she's the best sister ever!!

 working on new crafty things and art things!!!

well that's it for today my lovies! i'll be back later with even more fun stuff! i'm actually trying to plan out blog posts now, as to bring you more things, more often. ya know, instead of posting fanatically for a month or so and then falling off the grid for weeks at a time! i've been super bipolar when it comes to my blogging but i'm trying to be better! for you guys! i owe you that much!!! if you want to keep up with what i'm doing more often than not check out my tumblr, gypsy. i've been keeping up with that alot lately. OOOOR follow me on the twitters! i tweet more often that not and if you follow me there, you'll get the most updates on our shows and where we'll be!!!

i hope all of your holidays were wonderful and you had the best weekend ever!!! love you all!


Monday, December 26, 2011

23 goals before my 24th birthday

my 23rd birthday is this friday and i thought i'd make myself a goal list for this year before i turn 24! i'll be keeping track of these goals throughout the year and posting about my progress as each is (hopefully) achieved. source of background photo

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

an explanation.

so in my last post i talked about how crazy things have been with me of late. and let me tell you, the sure have...to the point where i've been really lost. its not like i'm super busy, that's not it. actually i've spent most of my time watching day-time talk shows and eating peanut butter and honey sandwiches. this might sounds absolutely insane to some, but its true. i think i've just been 'stuck'. you know those kids-senior year in highschool and they have absolutely no clue what they want to do with their life. should i go to school? do i even want to go to school? should i get a job? should i travel? you know super indecisive. i was never that kid. i always knew what i wanted, where i was going, what i was going to do. i knew BEFORE i got to high school, before middle school even. i didn't know exactly what school, but i knew i was going to college and that i wanted to study art. and then i did. i graduated- with honors, got a job, a boyfriend and was paying back my loans on time. i was good. i did everything i was supposed to. and i did it in a timely manner. and then my mom got sick. and then she died. and then i quit my job. and then my boyfriend broke up with me. and then i couldn't pay back my loans.

and here i am...that senior in high school that doesn't know what they want, or where they want to be in life. and it sucks. it sucks so fucking hard.

i've been wanting to go back to school for a very long time. but with everything else that's been happening, i just threw it on the back of the burner and focused on other things. i got another boyfriend...and then he broke up with me too. and now i'm back to figuring out what to do. but i think i've finally figured my shit out. i'm going to focus on me for a while. i'm going to be the main focus of my story for alittle while. i'm going to go back to school for graphic design and i might even move out of my dad's house. yep, i'm going to attempt to be a big girl finally.

of course i'm still going to work on order & chaos, i'm so in love with it. i'm still going to do my art and still going to do festivals, when i can. but i'm going to try and do something with my life again instead of wasting time in front of the tv, crying about a boy and not bettering myself for the future. if i don't, no one else is going to. so i have to make the move. and i'm going to.

Monday, December 12, 2011

a vanishing act.

hey everybody. sorry i've been so absent recently. i've been trying to find a balance within my life the last few weeks. things keep changing so very drastically with my world lately and i've been struggling with it. i can't seem to find that middle ground of my personal life, my internet life, and my career. and as far as my career goes, i don't know where its going at this point. my internet life-i've been ignoring and that sucks. my personal life is just all kinds of topsy-turvey and its been just a whirlwind of insanity. so please stick with me, as soon as i get things smoothed out, i'll be back. i know some of you have emailed me in the past week or two and i'm trying to get to then, i promise i will soon! please stay patient. i just wanted to let you know whats been happening and that i'm still here, just not exactly here. ya know. i'll be back though.

Friday, December 9, 2011

green bubble gorgeous- review

last weekend, when i went to the i made it! market holiday event i had the pleasure of meeting the lovely ladies of green bubble gorgeous as i was walking around snapping photos! they generously gave me a sample of their chap stick. i chose the butter rum flavor.

i instantly fell in love with this product! i'm a huge fan of chap stick, or lip gloss (if its not to chunky). i'm also very picky with the products that i use. green bubble gorgeous' products are "All natural and organic ingredients, 100% recycled/100% post consumer made shipping materials! Biodegradable and recyclable/refillable packaging"

this stuff is sooo smooth and great smelling! the butter rum flavor smells amazing! beyond that, probably my favorite part, this stuff last on your lips for a very very long time! so you don't have to keep reapplying it, which means that it last much longer than the usual chap stick!

i love that its natural and organic with free trade products. in addition they're from pittsburgh-which in my book makes them all the better!! i highly, highly, highly suggest you guys go and check them out and also buy some of their products, especially this chap stick! i'm in love with it! i've been telling all my girl friends. and i can't wait to try some of their other stuff when i get some money!

 support local and organic businesses!

here's a few of their other products! check it out!

how yummy do all of those look?! and yes, those last two photos are soaps!! wow, right? love it


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Saturday, December 3, 2011

i made it market! for the holidays-photos to come!

hello friends! i was lucky enough to partake in the i made it market! for the holidays this year pittsburgh's new bakery square!! i met some wonderful people and found some new makers that i can't wait to share with you! i got a few samples of body products that i will be sharing reviews of later this week, along with some fantastic photos! i've got a ton of photos! that all will be up early this week. i'll be editing this photos this weekend and hopefully have most of the up by monday. and the reviews will come later. i can not  wait to share those! the products that i was introduced to are excellent! so much to share, fun things to come! hope your weekend is going amazing!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

x-mas/birthday wishlist

its that time of year folks! the holidays are fast approaching. this year i'm not able to afford any of the neato things that are on sale or even to buy my friends or my darling nice presents :(
BUT i am making them their gifts. and with the holidays just around the corner, i can't help but window shop a bit for myself. and on top of this, my birthday is right after christmas. yep, 5 days after. with this being said, the older i get, the more inclined my family is to smoosh my christmas and birthday gifts together into one. i'm ok with it the older i get. so i figure i should just combine them myself. and show you guys some of things i've been dreaming about of late!!




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