Thursday, June 30, 2011

give away after 2,000!

i'm not quite sure what its going to be just yet, but i'm planning on doing our first little give away after we hit our 2,000th pageview, which i'm hoping will be within the next few hours! so check back and see what i scheme up!

holly <3

P.S. it's gonna be super cool no matter what it is!!

douchey post thursday with projects!

douchey post thursday is being brought to you via C3 mall this week, while i douchily munch on some panera goodness! so that's where the douchery comes in, coz you knowwwwww everyone is totes jealous of my yummy food up in this biizzznitch! haha! i have no idea why i'm talking like this...i apologize.

anyway, i come with awesome photos! so as you all know, i've been working on a bunch of stuff for festivals and such, so here ya go! 

the girls and i are working on our festival banner. this is a little sneaky peek of my letters so far. each of us were assigned a few letters and we all have to do our own thing with them. i told the girls that they can do whatever they want with their letters...cross stitch them, paint them, sew them, crochet them...whatever! they have complete freedom to do with them as they please! i'm so excited to see what they come up with!!!

these are the bags i've made so far, yes there will be sooooo many more to come! isn't this last picture so magical??! that's a natural prism, i did not edit these photos in anyway, they're straight off my phone! how special and gorgeous!

this really isn't a project, i just wanted to share it with you! its a lovely dried flower garland i made that is hanging in the door way into the kitchen, and beside it is my dad's butterfly wind chime. i thought they looked so nice next to each other!

that's about it for today kiddos!
keep it funky <3


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My, oh my how I've missed you all!!!

I'M BACK!!!!!!!

I know, I know, I've been gone for a hell of a long time, but that I promise is going to change!  So much has happened since I've last checked in.  Lets see, where to start.  Well I've taken a couple trips, one to NYC, the top city on my list of most addicting city's to visit, and Disney and Universal most recently.  And I'll be taking another trip to Illinois to see my man's parents in august.  Pictures of these two trips will be posted later on with full descriptions of what happened and what I saw, however the main reason for this post is to share with everyone what I spent my night working on.

Tada!  These are all of the drawstring change purses I have cut out to make!  And you know what's really neat?  Some of them are double sided, but I'm not telling you which ones :p haha.  I do promise that they will be cute!  And I'm also working on a little sculpture that was inspired by the last episode of the HBO series Game of Thrones.  (If you haven't watched it, you need to!)

Sorry this post isn't longer, but it's getting late and I have a very busy day tomorrow with an early start.

Talk to you all soon <3 <3 <3

Monday, June 27, 2011

busy as always!

hello all! 

its been rather crazy these past few weeks, so that's why its been so quiet around here. we're trying to get a bunch of stuff done for a few craft fairs we've been applying to. 

this week, i'll be sure to post some of the things i've been working on. there's a good bit of fun going about with us O&C girls, i can assure you of that! jessi's been slaving about on her hats, i'm sewing like craaaazy and i really don't know what's going on with the other two...they're rather quiet and cryptic this month. i really couldn't say what's going on with them! ha!

so stay tuned! we've got some cute stuff a-cookin'! :)

 keep it funky and drink LOTS of coffee!
holly <3

Thursday, June 23, 2011

douchey post thursday. we're silly....

it's douchey's thursday.
we're silly because...well, we just are.

keep it funky!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Checking in with Coco.

Aeyo~! (I really think this is going to become a thing).
Sorry for being quiet again for a bit, life has been lifey. Just checking in with you all really, but I do have some exciting things to share! I've been a bit inspired recently, but not in the way you'd expect. Y'see, what I really love and have wanted to be for a while is a dentist writer. I've always been in love with books and have been writing short stories and poems since I was in grade school. I don't have much in the way of published work or anything to brag about (save one cringe-worthy novel written in a month) but I dream of one day having a book published. I know, pipe dreams. Or so I thought. Until I started talking to a woman who comes into my store quite frequently and she told me that she has a fantasy novel published. A published author, from my tiny town. Oh man. That got me thinking. If she can publish a novel, maybe I can too. I know it is far off and far-fetched but it is something I would eventually like to do. She gave me a copy of her book today.

I can't wait to read it and tell you all what I think. I'm really interested because it is a fantasy novel and that is what most of my ideas are and probably what I'd end up writing, just don't expect me to write any teenage vampire love stories, that shit has been done to death. I'm more the castles and witches and princesses and prophecies type; more Diana Wynne Jones than L.J. Smith. Well, at least that is what the idea I am currently working on is. Because some of us never outgrow fairytales and vampire smut gets stale quickly. Anyway, I am totally rambling and I realize that. I think I'll go type into another window now. Maybe if I get up the balls I'll put my writing site back online and post for you all. Also, expect some cute crafty things from me soon. I have a WHOLE DAY OFF tomorrow and no plans. I can't wait to see what I accomplish.

Love you all,

Monday, June 13, 2011

support my artsy friends!

just a quick little check in. i'd really appreciate it if you guys would take a peek at my friend francine's website and maybe buy some of her beautiful pottery! i have a million pieces of her's and every year i get another one from her at the art's festival... not to mention the millions of pieces i've dug out of her scrap pile at the bottom of the yard! haha! i love her and her husband, tom's work. they make some of the most gorgeous pottery i've ever seen! so check them out and show her some love!! 

keep it funky!


what's going on this week...

hey all...just wanted to pop in and let you know,that at least from me, it's going to be alittle quiet around here this week. i'm going to be busy working on a pretty big illustration job and sewing at shit ton! 

there will probably be a bunch of pictures via the twitter. you can follow us over there @ORDERnCHAOSpitt 

i'll hopefully be able to get back into the swing of things next week and posting more.

though, you shouldn't be surprised if you see some changes around the blog this week. on top of all the other things i'm trying to accomplish, i'm working on revamping our little blog here, trying to make it cuter and more informative! so be on the look out for little changes here and there. 

one change you will be seeing soon is the 'about me' section for each girl, if they ever work on theirs (*wink*hint*nudge*wink)! i'm slowing getting mine together.

we've got somethings in the works to try and get our things out to you guys, so as soon as that happens we'll let you know!!

well, kids i'm out for to get to working!

keep it funky! 

holly <3

Sunday, June 12, 2011


hey all! 

please excuse the weirdo blank links on top of our page and the crazy random changes all the time. i know things have probably looked different everytime you've checked back within the last week or two. we're currently working on somethings to make everything a little more fun and interesting around here. so please be patient with us as we get everything together.

Friday, June 10, 2011

High hopes for today.

As it shall be another of those days where all four of us will be together (for a few hours, at least). Hopefully we'll have tons of fun stuff to share with you when we get back. I know three of us are hitting up a craft store for sure!  Hooray for sales! Especially on DMC! Even more hopefully we'll have a new picture of us for the page (with Jessi, and hopefully not me flipping off the camera though Holly will probably force me to take at least one of those). And let's hope that all of the other things we've got planned work out too. I can't reveal exactly what my plans are, but they include this man.

Isn't he adorable? (And somewhat ridiculous?) <3

Cryptic Coco likes to think she is more cryptic than she actually is. (It is a date.)

In other news, I sometimes wish certain things were interchangeable, like cornichons and cornish hens. Tiny full-grown pickles on my plate? Meh. Tiny full-grown chickens on my plate? Oh heckz yeah! 
These are the things I think about.

Calling it a blog,

Thursday, June 9, 2011

what a wonderful weekend PART 2

i'm back with the second part of my 'what a wonderful weekend' post. in my last post, i talked about jessi's grad party...this time i'm going to share pictures of the excellent time that my dad and i had down at the three rivers art's festival! 

 my dad and i have these traditions...there's certain festival and things that we go to EVERY year. just to name a few : the three river's arts fest, washington county fair, the greater pittsburgh renaissance festival, national pike gas, steam and horse show. we're major nerds! haha! 

i love it though!

my dad is my best bud! i swear if it wasn't for him (and quinn) i think my head would have exploded by now! 
i live for the arts festival! one of these years, i'm going to enter my work and try to have a booth! fingers crossed for next year!!!

dad's really cool, he's got a super long white beard and i think he looks like a wizard! haha! maybe he secretly is, wouldn't that be neato!

i think my favorite part of the festival this year was the puppet parade! that's mostly what i took pictures of and what i'm going to show you today! i really didn't take pictures of the art work, only because some of the artists i don't think would have appreciated it very much, having some nerdy girl get all up in their business with a camera! 
but the puppet parade was more than happy to have their pictures taken! enjoy!!

the last one, is probably my favorite out of the bunch! :) 
i hope you enjoyed my pictures!!! i know its getting really close to the weekend again already, so i'll probably have tons more to share next week! 
i've been working on a lot of projects and once my tattoo heals, i'll show you picture of it as well!!

have a super fun end of the week and weekend coming up!
keep it funky!


blog lovin

 HEY! just alittle check in and let you know that you can now follow us on blog lovin! 
that's about it! 

keep it funky!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

what a wonderful weekend PART 1

good morning everyone! 

it's going to be a suuuuper hot and day here in pittsburgh, so i'm planning on spending my time in doors blogging and crafting aaaand getting tattooed! yep, i'm getting my tattoo worked on this afternoon, by my dear friend andy! i'll post pictures later on. most likely not today, i'm kind of a bleeder and i don't want to horrify any of you! ha!

any way...this past weekend was fantastic! i got to spend some time with manda of friday, jessi's grad party was on saturday and sunday i went to the three rivers arts festival with my dad! the only thing that would have made the weekend better was if my love, quinn would have been around. he and some of his guy friends went to a starcraft competition in ohio (nerd alert!) hahaha! kidding! his nerdiness is part of the reason i love him!

so i've got tons upon tons of pictures to share, which is why i'm going to be splitting my posts up into 2 segments. 

FIRST! we'll start with jessi's grad party....

so you remember that really weird, highly edited and kinda funky looking picture i posted last week when i was teasing jessi? well, i can actually show you the piece i painted her! YAY!
 isn't it super cute! i'm painting a bunch of them for the festival that we'll hopefully be at this fall! i'll tell you guys more about it later, once we have all the info and hear back from them. it's not going to be until probably august til we hear back, so be patient! rest asure, the moment i get the go ahead, i'll be ranting about it for weeks!!!

these are a few of the other colors i'm working on for these paintings! super cute right?!

all four of us were there this weekend for the party, which was really nice! it's so very hard to get everyone in the same place at the same time anymore! we've all gotten so busy with life! 
her party was lovely and she got so many nice gifts, and her parents bought her a car! i don't think she's been home for more than a minute or two since saturday! haha! 

this next picture, i'm probably going to get in a shit ton of trouble for... i don't actually care. its really funny! 
so amanda bought this really cute shirt friday while we were out and she wore it to the party, but the problem is, is that she couldn't keep it from falling and exposing her bra. we (mostly me) were jacking her wires about it all day... and then i snapped this photo....
don't be too mad at me manda! looooove you!

being the crafty weirdos we all are... we can't go anywhere with out craft supplies.... yup we worked on things at the party! hahha!

we've got problems...

and just for fun... i took some shot of coco trying to battle the melted chocolate covered oreos...nothing embarrassing though, she made me put the camera away before she'd take another bite! hahha!

yes, it was that hot outside that it straight up melting everything! 
well, that's about it for right now! i'll be back later with the second half of my wonderful weekend! 

hope  your weekend was neat too!!

keep it funky!

Friday, June 3, 2011

TEASING JESSI and not so frugal friday

hey kitties! 

alright, this week's frugal friday isn't frugal AT ALL...i'm just warning you. i put this one together last week after scouering modcloth after they sent me an email about things that were all owls. uggg.... they know just how to get me. so i put this little polyvore together to show my great love of their site.

ALSO....our darling little jessi graduated from college last month and she's having a party this weekend. i being the crafty goddess (bahahahha) that i am (sarcasm)...decided to make part of her gift and now i'm going to tease her about it. because i fucking can.

i like it. and i hope she can't tell what it is...she's rather smart, sadly enough. ha! well, i mean she does have a degree in psychology and all! 


keep it funky!!

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