Monday, January 30, 2012

Saturday, January 28, 2012

got a question???

what would you like to know?

do you have anything you've been wondering about? anything that you'd like me to answer? 
well, ask away friends!!
this week, feel free to ask me anything (within reason) and i'll put together a little FAQ page here on the blog. i've been meaning to do this for a while now and i feel like after my show this week would be the perfect time to finally answer. so if you have questions about my art, our business, the blog or anything that's been on your mind. please feel free to ask away! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

window shopping; random etsy favorites!

hey all! so i've been dirt poor for a good while now. i'm pretty ok with it actually. but being poor doesn't mean i can't window here's a list of a few things i've been eyeballing recently. just for kicks! enjoy the awesome!

Amethyst Geode Chunk Pendant with Triangles  

by RachelPfefferDesigns

felted acorns

by feltjar  

wolf hoodie

by NewDuds  

  Toile de Jouy Onepiece Ruffled Swimsuit

by FablesbyBarrie 

 Geometric Nesting Doll Matroyshka

by SketchInc

Monday Mourning at Work - Large Acrylic Hair Clip

by TwistedMindofMine

Sunday, January 22, 2012

custom portraits are available AGAIN!

use the code FREESHIPBLOGLOVE to get free shipping!
(just because i love you)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

an art show.

if ya'll were wondering why the hell i've been to quiet and crytic. this is it. i've been busting ass trying to prepare for my first show. i've been painting like a mad woman so i can get everything done by Feb. 2, the date of the show. so far i think i've got about 10-15 pieces, some older pieces with a few brand new pieces thrown in. SO! if you're in the area, stop on by. i would love to see you and i want to share my awesome night with my buds. i'm super excited, yet completely terrified to be doing this, but i think it should be a great evening. i've got some of my best friends going to be there and i think with them by my side, i'll be good! and as soon as i finish up the last pieces for the show, i'll post some photos of them on here. and hopefully i'll be able to get some good photos from that night, so i'll be sharing those also. hopefully. wish me luck, you guys!!!! <3

Thursday, January 19, 2012

painting progress: start to finish.

hello friends! i've got something rather neat for you today. recently i've been painting like crazy preparing for an upcoming show! so with one of my pieces, i decided to take a photo at ever step. it was kind of annoying during the whole thing, but i'm glad i did it. now you can see how a painting comes together step by step. i think its pretty awesome. this is seriously photo heavy so you have been warned!!! here we go!

hope you guys enjoyed this little peek into my painting progress! if you did let me know! i may end up doing more if you guys are interested! take it easy folks, love you all <3

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

working on some goals!!!

hey friends! so if your wondering what the hell i'm doing posting this video- check out this post. one of my goals was to learn how to make friendship bracelets and this is the pattern i'm going to be trying first. i've always loved friendship bracelets but never learned how to make them, then last year i asked amanda to make me one and it took her almost 6 months to get it to me! so i figured i should learn how to make my own to avoid this problem! once i figure this out-i don't think it'll be too hard- i'll post my results!

also, on the subject of goals...another one of mine was to paint and finish 10-15 new pieces of art! well, i've already got 2 completely finished and 1 in the works!! AND i've got something awesome that i'll be sharing with you guys this week! one of the pieces i was working on, i stopped at every significant point in the painting process and took a photo. the progression is kind of neat, so i'll be posting that sometime this week too!!

in addition to all this fun, i'm hoping to introduce you to the new sponsors soon! they're a great bunch and i'm very excited to show them off! well, that's it for me today. i'm sorry i've been kind of absent recently, i've been preparing for something kind of big! take it easy folks, hope your week is going well!!! <3

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

just a bit of an update!!

hello again friends!!! the above photos is COMPLETELY unrelated to anything i'm about to say. i just thought it was pretty! hahah! anyhoozle....just wanted to let you know that i have sent out the sponsor if you have signed up to be a sponsor, please check your emails and let me know if you've received it! 

this week might be a bit quiet around here. i'm hoping to do a little renovating here on the blog. creating some new keep a look out for that stuff and also planning some things for the posts and such! 

just wanted to check it and give y'all a heads up on whats-a-happenin'! 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

hello friends! just wanted to check in and say that i've got some super awesome things in the works! and i can not wait to share with you as soon as everything is completely solid, i promise i won't be as cryptic eventually!!! also, i wanted to tell you that i will be emailing you lovelies that want to be sponsors tomorrow and that you can still sign up for a FREE sponsorship spot today by checking out this post! its going to be a stellar year for O&C i've got tons of things in the works and i'm planning a million more! i would love it if you would tag along for the ride! 

as always...we're keepin' it funky! hope you are tooo!!! 


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