Wednesday, November 30, 2011

can haz tumblr?

i gots myself a tumblr the other day. i'm filling it with tons of art and loads of cuss words. a more gritty version of this blog. so if you're offended by boobs, dirty words, blood and guts....this is not the blog for you. just forewarning you. i do post a lot of interesting art work that i've found, some of my stuff and the trailer of my boyfriend's documentary is on there too! you should check it out just for his trailer! 
i'm using it to dump out the crazy things i think of and the awesome things i find on the internet. i hope if you have a sense of humor and enjoy the darker corner of the internet, you'll take a peek and be my tumblr friend! come say hello!!!

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Monday, November 28, 2011

cyber week savings!!!

**p.s thank you to the lovely ladies that commented on yesterday's post. i love you guys! you are the reason i keep coming back and blogging! <3 happy monday loves!**

Sunday, November 27, 2011

blog envy

this is most likely going to sound like a rant. in all actuality it probably is one, but whatever. i know this has been talked to death about over the blogosphere but more recently its been bothering me. you know those bloggers, the ones that look so absolutely perfect it makes you want to spit.....i wish i could be one of them. i'm not. i don't take a perfect photo every single time...most of the time it takes me at the very least 3-5 shots before i get one that i even like, and the majority of the time i'm hoping you can't see the planet that's growing on the side of my face. i don't do amazing things every day of my life and i can't post something interesting every day. i wish i could but i can't.

i admire these girls and how wonderful their lives seem. they don't appear to have financial issues, like i seem to constantly have. and they are able to buy all of these amazing clothes to wear and post every day and most of the time half of their wardrobe was given to them....lucky!  i wish. i'm sure i sound bitter and cynical but i'm not trying to be. i just wondering if people are feeling the same. i guess when it comes right down to it, i wish i had their lives or at least the lives that they portray on their blogs. and i'm jealous of how gorgeous and blessed they are.

that sounds so horrible. but if i'm going to write something about this subject, i may as well be as honest as i can be. right? because isn't that the whole point. are these lives i'm so jealous of even real, or are they so completely fabricated that they don't even come close to real life. real lives are gritty and dirty, or at least they are in pittsburgh. shit. maybe everyone else out side of this old steel town has perfect weather and perfect hair 24/7 would i know. but i think i would like to see more of reality in the blog world. because it seems like i'm sinking of late and i just want to know that i'm not the only one. i'm not the only one who's life isn't a constant flow of inspiration and perfect sales figures, or gorgeous dresses every other day and cupcakes that taste like fucking sunshine. 

i don't want people to think i'm completely miserable though. yes, i am having some significant money issues at the moment and the majority of this entire year has sucked dick....but there are somethings in my life that are good. the people around me, the ones that truly care about me are amazing. my sister is a gem, and i don't know what i'd do without her. my dad and my aunt are my rock. my boyfriend brings a smile to my face just thinking about him, and i'm so very grateful i found such a great guy. and all of my friends are the shit! so my life isn't a complete disaster. but some of it really sucks. and to see these bloggers who's lives are just pristine is a kick to the stomach sometimes.

honestly though, i'm in a funk today. and i know that within a day or so, i'll be back on these blogs looking at these girls and finding them inspiring again. but who doesn't have days like this?

do you guys ever feel like this? do you ever get a case of blog jealousy?


**wow. i lost a follower....possibly because of this post. i didn't actually think that would happen. i know i've heard people say that they loose followers when they write things that are personal or not so upbeat...but really? why you find it offense that i've spoken honestly??**

Saturday, November 26, 2011

small business saturday

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Friday, November 25, 2011

officially presenting- geometry & the girl

hello friends!

today is the day, i'm launching the geometry and the girl line that i've been so hard at work at! you can find all of the items below in our etsy shop! since today is black friday, use the code: BLACKFRIDAY25 to get 10% off today only!! if you're not shopping today, don't worry i'll be giving an even bigger discount for cyber monday!!! hope all of your holidays were amazing yesterday!
i hope you guys love these products just as much as i do! they're all reasonably priced and made with love. AND if you buy any of the geometry and the girl products, if you buy another, shipping is free! **this is only on this product line. only geometry and the girl products are included in this** you can easily find them in their own section! happy shopping friends!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

a trip to the past.

just for fun, i thought i'd share some baby pictures with you guys. i was cleaning the other day and happened upon a rather large stack of old photos. here are some of my favorites.

 that's my aunt, my cousin christina and emily (the baby)  and some random blond girl on the end. i'm the goofy red head with the frilly pants! :)

 i'm no where near coordinated enough to skate, to this day.
 my dad, my first dog ginger and i on christmas. i can still fall asleep practically anywhere.

 i'm super stylish.
my mom thought it was cool to fan my dress out to look like a flower. i was more of a baby doll than a child, haha!

i'll probably be post more things later. i've been busting my butt editing all the photos for the new products and they should be up pretty soon for sale.

take it easy folks!

Monday, November 21, 2011

what to expect

hey eeeeverybody! i've been working super hard to get some things together and up in our etsy shop. that will be happening so very soon! i'm editing all the photos today and hopefully they'll all be up some time this week, if not today.
i've made some beautiful pieces that i can not wait to show you, but i'll give you alittle peek into what i've got going on. i think you guys are really going to like them! over the last couple of weeks, i've been tormenting you with this new line of products that i've been working on. and now i'm going to let you in on it!
eeeppp! yea, the new line is named 'geometry and the girl'. its an entire line of accessories inspired by my love of geometry and the study of lines and angles. there's jewelry: necklaces and broaches, a bag or two, and a few pieces of art and some stationary!  its a little quirky, kind of cute and really fun! everything is bright and bold!

geometry and the girl is for that girl who is a little off beat, who likes to be her own person and likes to show off her intelligence and  beauty at the same time! she's smart, savvy and stylish, with a little twist of the cute and kitschy.

i think you guys are just going to fall head of heels for this line. and its going to be available only in our etsy shop, i'm not taking these pieces to shows.

on top of this wonderful line of products, i've got a ton of other products that i'll be listing this week. they're geared more towards those gals who are gypsies and bohemian at heart!

you guys are gonna love it!

take care, happy monday lovies!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

a peek into my world

i've taken alot of time and put in alot of effort into creating my work space. its where i go to escape and create. i needed it to be a place that looked forward to being in. so i took a few photos of it to show you, because i'm rather proud of it. here ya go!


holly <3

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

my dad listens to NPR like a crack fiend

my dad told me about this lady, after listening to a program on NPR. go dad! you found something awesome!! enjoy!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011


hey there guys and dolls! kind of a weird day. i'm home sick, and very very unhappy about it. i was supposed to go with my guy to his film shoot tonight and now because of this crappy thing going on in my immune system i'm unable to go. sad face. SO i'm staying in scouring the intertubes and finding some fun things to share. i've always been a fan of natural cut gems and jewelry and the trend seems to be catching on. i'm here to share some of my favorite ones i've found recently. check. it. out.

alright friends...wipe your mouths...i know you've been drowling! haha! aren't they just goregous?! i would buy them all if i could!
that's about it for me today, i'll be back soon with more crafty things. and hopefully the new line will be finished soon. i'm going to power through this sickness and get shit done!

happy tuesday!

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