Monday, June 25, 2012

honest to blog.

hey guys, i swears i'm not dead! i've just been taking a break from the internet lately. i should have written something explaining this before just disappearing but the whole thing just got a little too stressful for me and i just HAD to get out for a bit. i've been missing the blog and all of you. if you've been waiting on things from me, i'm so very sorry i haven't gotten them to you. i'm not sure when i'm going to be able to, just to be honest.

so let me explain the disappearance of holly....if you have your own blog, i think you'll understand this a bit better. if not, try to follow along the best you can.
when you own a blog, a business, holding down a full time job (that isn't your business), dealing with life and are like me, dealing with the result of some supremely heavy family stress/ drama/ insanity (the death of my mother last year)....things can feel like they're kind of closing in on you. so i thought the best way to destress my life was to remove a few of these stressers. so i took a step back from the blog and the business for a few months to clear my head and get back to some sort of normal. the constant pressure of having to 'keep up with the blogging jones' is really heavy. you see these people in the blogiverse who's blogs are absolutely beautiful and amazing with these perfect blog posts and when you're just a little not-so-well known blog trying to keep up it becomes stressful. i know i've written about this before but i guess its something that i just have to come to terms with. i've just got to learn to be my own self and write just for fun and not for the page views. and i think this break that i've taken has given my perspective on the whole thing.

SO! i'm back. but i will tell you this. this blog is not going to be posting every single day. might not even be every week. but i'm going to be getting back into it slowly and trying to bring you things that i find interesting and fun. i'll be revamping the look here and there throughout the summer and fall. and hopefully, once i figure out a nice flow to this thing again, i'll be able to bring the blog back into full swing!!

hopefully you'll welcome me back with open hearts and eyes! you know i've miss you guys!

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