holly erinn karnes
currently (and i say this lightly, because it changes daily), i am an illustrator, blogger, crafter, photographer, painter...ect,ect. my degree is in illustration and i hope one day i'll work for disney as a visual development artist. i'm working diligently toward this goal. order & chaos is my little baby. i love it dearly and work every day to make it something better in every way. some of my favorite things include: alice in wonderland, the beatles, antique clocks, free people boutique, leather bags, rum, tacos, 90's cartoons, pill bugs, the city of pittsburgh, craft shows, bohemian style, incense, flowers (thou they make me sneeze), natural crystals, handmade paper, pens, blue grass, black cats and disposable cameras from rite aid. 

i am: 23, tattooed, pierced, a die-hard pittsburgher, in love with the universe, crazy about my cat- buffy, 5'3" tall, proud of my art and skill, confident, loud (when around the right people), a free spirit, an artist.

i am not: scary (so say hi!), rude, a christian, censored, normal, able to be silenced, politically uneducated.

i do: smile awkwardly, take commissions, post rants often, get angry at silly things, read your comments

i do not: deal well with the loss of followers, say mean things about people on this blog, copy others' posts

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