someone had once said it best...

"I really think order and chaos was born out of none of the members ever having money to buy gifts for friends so we learned to make things."

it really did start so much longer ago than just a few months. we've always made things for each other and then it spread to the rest of our friends. the things we were making were always so well received and we got such great feed back from the people we surrounded our selves with. then the idea of starting a business with it just kind of crept into our brains as just a little thing we could do on the weekend. 

 in february, when i was looking for something to give my life a little more meaning, sitting down with amanda spewing out ideas for a store. the idea grew and grew and grew! 

the two of us started knocking stuff out like little crafty robots. then somewhere around april, we brought in our dear jessi, myself forgetting that she could crochet. then things just blew up! we've been planning more things and applying for craft festivals in our area and getting things ready in preparation. 

we're always busy and i've always got my mind running in a million directions. at the moment, we're preparing for festivals, working on our etsy store , keeping it up and running and dreaming and scheming up our own future physical store.

so i hope that you stick around to see what we end up doing in the future and cheer us on as we continue to grow and learn with this business.

keep it funky! 

holly <3

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