Friday, September 30, 2011

painting progress vol. 2 and a rant.

hey you guys...
i know it's been awhile since i did this segment. things have been super crazy lately but i had a minute today to work on this piece so i figure i should share it with you because...ya know....i said i would!
i'm working on the line work still. i've got to tweak the hair alittle bit more and maybe do alittle work on the face and then it's time for color!! yippee! it's my favorite part, i love painting the skin.

in other news, if you follow me on twitter @hollyerinn, you will already know this...but you know how yesterday i told you how excited i was about the photo shoot that we were doing??? yea. that didn't happen. i don't like to complain on here, everyone has problems and i try and keep this place as up beat as possible. but today, i've got to let off alittle bit of steam....
so, this is what happened. this young girl, from our area contacted me via etsy conversations looking for someone to photograph her so that she could build up her portfolio because she's trying to get into modeling. well, i thought this would be a wonderful opportunity for amanda, myself and this girl to all benefit. i've been wanting to photograph our jewelry work and hats and such and amanda can always use a new face to do her beautiful makeup on so i was all about it!
this girl was up my butt for about 3 weeks about getting this thing going. but as you all know, life has been insane for us girls around here lately so we scheduled it for yesterday. i told her this like over a week ago. so yesterday early afternoon, i get a message saying 'can't, you didn't get back to me soon enough' or something along those lines. WHAT??? i told you a week ago! and i messaged you a day and a half before the scheduled day to give you all the specific details!!!
to say the very least...i was mad (i'm trying not to cuss). amanda and i had everything set up for the shoot yesterday morning for everything to go down in the afternoon. we have to re-plan and reschedule the entire thing. i was really hoping to have a look book and gorgeous photos to share with you by monday. yea, that's not going to happen. alright, i'm done venting. we will get this done. i promise. if you made it through this entire rant, i'm proud of you. thanks for reading and dealing with me still being angry about some silly teenager being a silly teenager. but i've learned my lesson. i'm done.

love you all!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

5 random things about me.

hello friends...
i've seen some interesting posts around the blogisphere and i thought i'd share 5 totally random things about me, just for fun! here we go!!

1. i can not live without coffee. 
        i've tried, if i wake up in the morning and don't have it i feel like crap!
2. i love day time talk shows.
        the ellen show, anderson and the doctors are my favorites! its how i start my day.
3. i used to play the piano, i play the guitar and i have a reasonably good singing voice.
        my senior year in highschool, i won the national choral award and was president of our chorus.
        ***nerd alert***
4. i'm super clumsy. like really really clumsy.
         see this post to see what happened when i tried to help out a lady.
5. my best friend is my little black cat, buffy. 
         i got her when i was in grade school and i was really into buffy the vampire slayer at the time, hence her name. you can see pictures of her at the bottom of this post.

well, i hope you enjoyed my nerdiness hhaa! don't forget to check out what's going on with us next week in this post. amanda and are going to be working on a little photo shoot today, so there will be loads of photos later on. i'm going to be putting together a little look book for you guys! i can't wait to start working on it! yay!

happy thursday friends! what are you up to this week????
holly erinn! <3

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

pittsburgh step trek!

hello friends! next saturday, oct. 8th we will be at pittsburgh step trek with i made it market. if you read the last post, i had my first show with them this past sunday and it was an absolute blast! i met some fantastic and super talented people, and i can't wait to see the lot this time around! i hope if your in the area, you'll stop by and say hello (and possibly check out what i have for sale!) here's a few things that you'll find while i'm there....
mushroom cell phone/ipod pouches and mushroom charm necklaces

a plethora of tote bags and i'm also working on a bunch of new crafty things and some new art work! i can't wait! i'm so excited! lately, i've also been working on some illustrations that i can't wait to share with you!
well, if you're in the area, stop on by!! also, don't forget about the awesome coupon code for the etsy shop!! just use the code: MARKETLOVE to get 15% off your order!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

i made it market @ BKSQ recap!

hello friends! stopping by to tell you about our first show that happened this weekend! it was just me and my dad this weekend, the other girls were unable to go. their schedules are insane lately!
here's the photos from the market, our sales were alittle low, but it was a great experience and i met alot of wonderful people! hopefully the next show we do will be better, but this one was still really nice!

WARNING*** there is a photo at the end with alittle bit of blood. be warned it's kind of gross. 

this was my booth! it was so bright and colorful! i loved it, i can't wait to do more shows so i can perfect my booth style, but for my first show, i thought it was great!!!

 since my mom couldn't actually be there, i figured i'd bring a photo of all of us so she could be there in spirit! and yes, that's a tiny holly in that photo! wasn't i adorable?!

 dad fell asleep half way through the think his snoring is what drove people away?? haha!
how cute is this little one!?? she fell in love with and bought one of my mushroom charms! this made my day, she was so excited about it and was showing everyone she could get a hold of!! loooove!
so this...this is the result of my trying to be a good person. it was a really windy day and the really nice lady next to me, her display was blowing away and started to fall. being the nice person i am, i rushed over to help and slipped on the curb while running around the back of our booths. so now i have a massive scrape and bruises on that knee. i'm not complaining, i'll heal but i thought i'd share how i ripped my favorite tights. the woman felt so terrible about the whole thing she gave me money to replace my tights, unnecessary but very kind!
over all it was an interesting experience with a few bumps and bruises to my body (and my ego) but i pulled through and i can't wait to do another show! fingers crossed i get in to the next one!

and don't forget about the coupon code for our etsy shop just use the code: MARKETLOVE to get 15% off your order!!!

holly <3

Friday, September 23, 2011

september in PHOTOS and a COUPON CODE!!!

hey there friends!

i've got a million photos to share with you. this month has been a whirl wind of insanity for me! i've had some really high highs and some really low lows. but that's life right?? i'm trying my damnedest to say positive.

like i told you guys in my last post i've been preparing for the i made it market's sunday market! it should be a ton of fun and hopefully if you're in the area, you'll stop by and say hi!!!
on to the pictures!
*stay tuned after all the pictures for some super exciting news for all my friends out of the area*

loads of crafty and art things, my mom's senior picture (she was so gorgeous),PUMPKIN SPICE (omigod, it's my favorite), the gorgeous bow i bought off of kaelah bee, my price tags for the market this weekend, the art from the shirt i bought recently from teefury and shots for a gallery show and the ren fest i went too in the past weeks!

so, since alot of you don't live in the area and i'd still like you to celebrate with me attending my first show, here's a 15% off coupon code for our etsy shop!

just use this code: MARKETLOVE at the check out to get 15% off your entire order! there's some fun stuff up in there now, and i'll be putting more up there this week and next! you'll be able to use this code for the next couple of weeks, until Oct. 7th. so scoop up your discounts now while you still can!!

check back later on this weekend for more updates on the festival and follow me @hollyerinn on twitter for all kinds of fun photos from this weekend!!

you're all wonderful and i love ya!
happy autumn!


(p.s.... i've finished a really large piece of art. prints of it are available through society6. check it out.

you can grab 'push' over here!)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vlogger McVloggerton

this is my first vlog, i've got some fun things for you guys! so this was taken in 2 separate videos, that's why there's a little bit of repetition towards the end. this is my very first vlog, so be kind! it's a little rough and awkward, haha!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

little bit of an update!

hey all!
well, i don't have much for you today, but i wanted to drop in and tell you all that this up coming week i do! i've got fun news to share with you along with a million photos and maybe a little surprise! on top of that, i'm working on something new and hopefully, after this week i'll be able to get the ball rolling and bringing you some fun things that i hope that you'll love!
so my darlings, enjoy the rest of your sunday and i'll see you bright and early this week!

 (please excuse the completely ridiculous and unrelated 
photo from my old job, its just silly. and i thought i'd share!)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fun things!

Hello everyone!

I'm finally taking some time to blog.  It's been a crazy past few weeks, and most of it spent working.  Ok, all of it spent working.  Lol.  As I've been slowly coming to realize, I have no life outside of working, and sadly, this is something other people are starting to notice too.  But remember from my last post when I said I was going to post whatever doodles I came up with that night, well I've got them!  Personally my favorite it the little chibi geisha.  I just think she's adorable, and to make her a little more authentic looking, I was watching "Memoirs of a Geisha" at the time.

And guess what?  I have another sketch for you!  This one is of the costume I'm putting together for Fright Nights at Kennywood, the local amusement park.  I'll be working it starting on Sept 30 and every weekend after that til the end of Oct.  So I'll apologize now for being quiet during that month.  My Friday and Saturdays for that month are going to consist of double shifts from 830 and 10am- 1am, and then my regular work schedule the rest of the week.  Needless to say I'm going to be damn tired by the end of it!  Lol.  Anyway, back to the sketch of the costume!  Its going to be mostly black with black and white striped, renaissance style pants.  The idea behind it is a voodoo type, renaissance style witch doctor.  I'm going to make latex inserts that can be sewn into cuts in a pair of long gloves that look like wounds, and on the hands you'll be able to see the exposed bone from underneath the skin.  And the most important part of the costume, and the entire inspiration, which I still need to purchase, is the mask.  It's black and white diamond patterned, and I found it the day I went down to the costume shop on the south side in Pittsburgh about a month ago.  Once its done, and fright nights is over, I'll have pictures of all my makeup jobs, and the finished costume.

Now onto the main event!  When I was at work yesterday unpacking boxes, I found a new book entitled "Witch Craft".  I didn't even have to flip through it all the way to know that I wanted it.  And here it is!

  Gotcha didn't I?  You really thought it was about witch craft.  I'm personally not into those practices, but this kind of witch craft I can totally get in to!  There are so many cute ideas in here, and patterns that I could make my own, and fun desserts!  Seriously, this book has me totally in the Halloween spirit!!!  Damn it!  Now I want to go work on things.  So I will bid you all adieu for the night and hopefully write soon!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

give away reminder!

hey guys, the current giveaway is coming to a close! it ends this FRIDAY! as of right now, no one has entered. which means, better chances for you to win!
this is one of the pages i've made with the 'my memories' digital scrap booking software. no kidding you guys, its super simple and coming from some one who previously had little interest in scrap booking... it's pretty fun! you can read more about it and enter to win HERE!!!! don't forget it ends this friday!!! don't or you'll miss out!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

it's been alittle...

well, i don't have much for you today. i've been cleaning alot lately, so i don't really have alot of crafty things to share. but i will soon! i'm working on my new work room. the further i get i'll post photos of the progress. until then, a video of one of my favorite songs. enjoy.


holly <3

Monday, September 12, 2011

selling original airbrushed paintings!

hey guys, i have two airbrushed portraits that i'm wanting to sell. i just don't have room for them anymore!
one is lady gaga and the other is norah jones. here's a few photos of the both.



 they both measure 16"X20", on stretched canvas with a wooden back frame.

both are also signed!

these items are up for sale in our ETSY SHOP!!!

these would be great as a gift for any fan or just something fun and colorful to hang in your house! both have been dusted with clear coat so they are protected!!
hope to hear from you! <3


Friday, September 9, 2011

vlog from my girl thursday

the ever darling thursday of my girl thursday posted a really interesting vlog this morning on tips for setting and achieving goals. i think this is a super helpful video and she has some very interesting views on the matter. i've noticed lately there's been a TON of goal and list making happening in the blogosphere and in my own life too! so i thought i'd continue to pass along her knowledge. enjoy!


maybe in the upcoming days, i'll post a couple of the lists i've been making and share them with you guys!
what goals have you been setting for yourself lately??? 


Thursday, September 8, 2011

airbrushed shirts up in the shop!!

hey all! just wanted to let you know that there are some neat things up in the shop! i've got 4 one of a kind airbrushed tee shirts for sale! check the shop for details and sizes!

these shirts were airbrushed by me when i was working at the shop, they're my own designs that i just did for fun while the shop was slow. now they can be yours!!


(p.s did you peep the new banner??? isn't it cute! also, enter the latest giveaway here! )

window shopping; feeling fancy

i'm not going to lie, since i quit my job early last month, i am broke. broke. broke.
that's fine, it really doesn't bother me all that much. so what do i do when i have no money and still want to shop? what any other girl does!
browse the internet for pretty things and drool over them, then blog about it. everybody does that right???

i'm jumping on the band wagon and took a look at they've got some amazing pieces and i thought i'd show you guys some things i've been drooling over. here we go!!

how cute are those shoes! i want them so badly, though i wouldn't know where i would wear them. i don't really go any where fancy where i could wear heels. aaaand those glasses, i desperately need new glasses. i would love a pair like those! but maybe in a brownish red shade, i've done the straight black frames before, they make me look even more pale! if that's even possible, haha!
don't forget about the giveaway. thus far, no one has entered, so that gives you a much better chance! check it out over here!

hope your week is going well! i'll be working on the portrait of Adele a little later, so there will be another update on that soon!
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