Friday, July 29, 2011

frugal friday : bright and happy

this week's frugal friday is based around the new color scheme of the blog. pale pink and minty green! they're my new favorites!! also, i found this really cute barbie shirt with plaid sleeves (on polyvore, i wish wish wish i owned it in real life!). i think this week might be one of my favorites!! enjoy!

frugal friday pink and green

i looove these colors! this outfit would go super well with our 'ice cream' tote bag which you can find in our etsy shop!

have a good weekend everybody, stay awesome!!!
holly <3

Thursday, July 28, 2011

douchey post thursday:bad jokes

OKAAAAY....douchey post thursday is making a comeback, and is being revamped! yay! so i figured i'd dedicate this first douchey post to the douchey-est group of them all....the hipsters! so prepare yourselves for some terrible jokes about hipsters in photo form...enjoy!

yea, Pocahontas' face in the last one is probably my favorite! it fits soooo well!

well, that's my silly post for the day! hope you guys got a few laughs out of it too! tomorrow's frugal friday, so stop back for that too!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

kennywood fun with dad!

hey all! yesterday, my dad and i went to our local amusement park...KENNYWOOD! we went later in the day and did the night rider thing, which was really nice. we spent about 4 and a half hours there and that was just enough time to get in all the coasters and a few other fun rides aaaand eat some yummy treats!
i took a few photos and thought i'd share them with you! enjoy!

yea i look pretty terrible in this last photo, but i like it anyways! if you were wondering what the heck in on my head, it's a chicken hat. we didn't buy those hats, though i think dad should have gotten that neato wooly hat! haha!

so this is the BEAUTIFUL necklace that i purchased last week from the ever talented oceanne , isn't it so lovely?! i'm going to be wearing it with the dress i bought for quinn's cousin's wedding in august. i'll post some better pictures of the entire outfit later! but i just wanted to show you how nice it hangs around the neck. it's such a delicate and pretty necklace, i couldn't be more pleased with this purchase! please go buy all of her things! she has many many gorgeous pieces!!!!

that's all for now dolls!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

newest weekly segment!

hello all you adorable people! i hope you're enjoying the new look of the blog just as much as i am right now!
so this is the newest weekly segment here at O&C, inspiration monday is all about what i've been stalking for the week! i'm constantly searching for things to keep me motivated and inspired through my everyday hassles and annoyances. i am always searching through hundreds of pages of pictures and writing and recently i've been reading a ton of blogs (i'm going to be making a new pages of the ones i'm currently obsessed with)!
this week's inspiration monday is dedicated to FEATHERS! i'm really excited about feathers, i'm not going to lie. i've alway had a thing for them and birds themselves. i really like that feather are gaining popularity in the fashion and craft worlds. so here you go!

i really like this illustration. it kind of makes me just want to paint feather and nothing but for about an entire month.

anyone else completely smitten with feather hair extentions???
i totally am!

i've always been into having feathers in hair. i like that it's catching on! everyone's walking around looking like gypsies and its fantastic! i love it! 
i hope you like the first instalement of inspiration monday and that you got a little inspiration out of it yourself!! 

what's been inspiring you lately??? let me know!
*disclaimer***i do not own any of these photos. you can find them and their sources on pinterest on my boards here!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

quick check-in

yep, i'm changing things once again. and i'll tell you why....things were looking alittle depressing around here and that's not what we're about. we're all about the whimsy here at O&C and i felt like the blog wasn't conveying that. i know you guys are probably sick on me changing things every couple of weeks. but i promise i'll get it here soon!

there's going to be a few changes here and there this week. you'll notice the colors changing here and there and probably the header. the layout will stay the same but once i get things straightened out, i know you'll love it just as much as i do!

also, i'll be introducing the new weekly segment tomorrow! yay! so keep a look out for that!
and hopefully in about a 2 weeks i'll get to share some pretty big and EXCITING news!!! i'm so stoked to share it with you guys, keep your fingers crosses things go as planned and then i can tell you allllll about it!

holly <3

Friday, July 22, 2011

welcome back...

yay! it's back! i'd like to welcome back, my very first weekly segment...frugal friday. well, it's been a while, so let me go over what its all about! every item in the set is under $40, i normally won't buy something if it's over that. all of the items together will add up to be more than $40, but individually they are under.

so, since i'm bringing it back. i'd like to know what you'd like to see. what styles do you like? what are some of your favorite brands or etsy shops? let me know what you are into!

without further hesitation....the new frugal friday set! it's a little bohemian, a little rocker! enjoy!

welcome back frugal friday

so let me know what you'd like to see out of frugal fridays! i'd love to hear your suggestions!!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

new and returning weekly segments

so yep, i'm bringing back frugal friday this week and i've got a new segment called 'inspiration monday' that i'll be introducing next week. its going to be pretty fun! what it is going be is...all the things that are inspiring me at the moment.  things that i'm into and what has been influencing me and my work that week. i'm really excited to share everything with you that i've been working on.

what's inspiring you lately and what types of things would you like to see for frugal fridays?

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