Thursday, June 30, 2011

douchey post thursday with projects!

douchey post thursday is being brought to you via C3 mall this week, while i douchily munch on some panera goodness! so that's where the douchery comes in, coz you knowwwwww everyone is totes jealous of my yummy food up in this biizzznitch! haha! i have no idea why i'm talking like this...i apologize.

anyway, i come with awesome photos! so as you all know, i've been working on a bunch of stuff for festivals and such, so here ya go! 

the girls and i are working on our festival banner. this is a little sneaky peek of my letters so far. each of us were assigned a few letters and we all have to do our own thing with them. i told the girls that they can do whatever they want with their letters...cross stitch them, paint them, sew them, crochet them...whatever! they have complete freedom to do with them as they please! i'm so excited to see what they come up with!!!

these are the bags i've made so far, yes there will be sooooo many more to come! isn't this last picture so magical??! that's a natural prism, i did not edit these photos in anyway, they're straight off my phone! how special and gorgeous!

this really isn't a project, i just wanted to share it with you! its a lovely dried flower garland i made that is hanging in the door way into the kitchen, and beside it is my dad's butterfly wind chime. i thought they looked so nice next to each other!

that's about it for today kiddos!
keep it funky <3


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