Thursday, June 2, 2011

There is life on Planet Coco.

And it is friendly, if not the most intelligent.

Anyway, sorry I have been away for yet another inexcusable amount of time. I have been going through some personal and health problems that have rendered me quite useless but fear not, I am getting better. Sadly, I haven't much progress to report. I am making headway into learning embroidery and hope to have a cute little project posted for you guys very soon. Mostly I've been learning stitches and studying stitch diagrams while making strange shapes on some spare fabric. I know, boring work. Other than that I've not been doing much. Just trying to work through some personal problems, balance some relationships, and deal with the stress of the holiday weekend at work. (Seriously, I lugged around more ice and propane this weekend than I did for the first four months of my job combined.) I was able to do a bit of Etsy shopping for myself though. Retail therapy at it's finest.
I scored this little number from Etsy seller Hissyfitoly
And this strand of button pearls from Chickatey. Now you may notice that there isn't much merchandise left in Chickatey's shop. This is because she and her fiance were the victims of an apartment fire and lost almost everything they had. Read about it here. Making a purchase would help Katey and her fiance so much. Katey is also the charity cause of April's Army this month so any purchases made in the April's Army Shop will also benefit her.

Well, those were my purchases. Now all I need is an excuse to show them off. Maybe something like an ORDER AND CHAOS RETRO PICNIC? (*hintcanwedothispleaseguisehint*)

Now I'm off to the magical land of bubbles and hot running water. I'll check in with you guys after my shift.


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  1. That necklace is gorgeous!!! Nothing like a good strand of pearls! They go with almost any outfit!


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