Wednesday, June 8, 2011

what a wonderful weekend PART 1

good morning everyone! 

it's going to be a suuuuper hot and day here in pittsburgh, so i'm planning on spending my time in doors blogging and crafting aaaand getting tattooed! yep, i'm getting my tattoo worked on this afternoon, by my dear friend andy! i'll post pictures later on. most likely not today, i'm kind of a bleeder and i don't want to horrify any of you! ha!

any way...this past weekend was fantastic! i got to spend some time with manda of friday, jessi's grad party was on saturday and sunday i went to the three rivers arts festival with my dad! the only thing that would have made the weekend better was if my love, quinn would have been around. he and some of his guy friends went to a starcraft competition in ohio (nerd alert!) hahaha! kidding! his nerdiness is part of the reason i love him!

so i've got tons upon tons of pictures to share, which is why i'm going to be splitting my posts up into 2 segments. 

FIRST! we'll start with jessi's grad party....

so you remember that really weird, highly edited and kinda funky looking picture i posted last week when i was teasing jessi? well, i can actually show you the piece i painted her! YAY!
 isn't it super cute! i'm painting a bunch of them for the festival that we'll hopefully be at this fall! i'll tell you guys more about it later, once we have all the info and hear back from them. it's not going to be until probably august til we hear back, so be patient! rest asure, the moment i get the go ahead, i'll be ranting about it for weeks!!!

these are a few of the other colors i'm working on for these paintings! super cute right?!

all four of us were there this weekend for the party, which was really nice! it's so very hard to get everyone in the same place at the same time anymore! we've all gotten so busy with life! 
her party was lovely and she got so many nice gifts, and her parents bought her a car! i don't think she's been home for more than a minute or two since saturday! haha! 

this next picture, i'm probably going to get in a shit ton of trouble for... i don't actually care. its really funny! 
so amanda bought this really cute shirt friday while we were out and she wore it to the party, but the problem is, is that she couldn't keep it from falling and exposing her bra. we (mostly me) were jacking her wires about it all day... and then i snapped this photo....
don't be too mad at me manda! looooove you!

being the crafty weirdos we all are... we can't go anywhere with out craft supplies.... yup we worked on things at the party! hahha!

we've got problems...

and just for fun... i took some shot of coco trying to battle the melted chocolate covered oreos...nothing embarrassing though, she made me put the camera away before she'd take another bite! hahha!

yes, it was that hot outside that it straight up melting everything! 
well, that's about it for right now! i'll be back later with the second half of my wonderful weekend! 

hope  your weekend was neat too!!

keep it funky!


  1. Holly, I demand that that photo of Amanda be removed at once! We can't be posting those kinds of photos here (never mind the length of my skirt); we are a fucking family blog, you dumb bitch. -C.

  2. we're a family blog? well, fuck! i'm sorry. hahah! <3 h. (p.s. is it weird i get all fuzzy inside when you call me a dumb bitch???)

  3. Nah, not weird. I get all warm and fuzzy inside when you take awkward photos of me in front of tables full of hipsters. -C.


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