Monday, June 13, 2011

what's going on this week...

hey all...just wanted to pop in and let you know,that at least from me, it's going to be alittle quiet around here this week. i'm going to be busy working on a pretty big illustration job and sewing at shit ton! 

there will probably be a bunch of pictures via the twitter. you can follow us over there @ORDERnCHAOSpitt 

i'll hopefully be able to get back into the swing of things next week and posting more.

though, you shouldn't be surprised if you see some changes around the blog this week. on top of all the other things i'm trying to accomplish, i'm working on revamping our little blog here, trying to make it cuter and more informative! so be on the look out for little changes here and there. 

one change you will be seeing soon is the 'about me' section for each girl, if they ever work on theirs (*wink*hint*nudge*wink)! i'm slowing getting mine together.

we've got somethings in the works to try and get our things out to you guys, so as soon as that happens we'll let you know!!

well, kids i'm out for to get to working!

keep it funky! 

holly <3

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