Sunday, July 3, 2011

changes and exciting things!

yes, i have changed the look of O&C once more. its just a baby and i can afford to do this because i'm still fumbling around trying to figure out what i want it to be. so keep on the look out for some changes around here in the coming weeks. its going to be super cute and super fun. i think the new look will have it look less like a myspace page and more functional and fun!

also, i will be announcing the details and prizes of the give away later on this week. i've got some fun things in the work and i'm still waiting to hear back on some things i've got working. so stay tuned for that as well! 

keep it funky!
holly <3


  1. Just to let you know; the new site layout makes this impossible (or at least difficult) to view from mobile browsers. -C.

  2. oh well.i like the way it looks. -h.

  3. Actually. I'm typing this from my phone right now and everything looks fine to me. I don't see a problem with it. H.


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