Monday, July 18, 2011

etsy love vol. 2

this past weekend my guy and i went down to south side and partook in imadeit! maket's southside works exposed craft market. it was pretty neato, i must say! so i've got this thing for business cards, especially when i go to something like this. usually, i walk away with nothing more than a pocket filled with business cards. i've got a nice little collection going :D

i got a few this weekend and sunday night i decided to scourer the intertubes and find these crafty people who only live in my mind as a pretty little piece of card stock. so this is my list of etsy loves, craft show edition....

oceanne: this lady's works were probably my favorite. they were so delicate and adorable. i did find a necklace of her's that i would have liked to purchase, but my bank account said otherwise. you can find some of her things here!

everyday balloons: their work is alittle quirky and kind of off, in the best way possible. i liked their robot totes the had at the festival (not available on etsy) they've got some super funky shirts here!

barker's herbs and heirlooms: i've seen this lady's work at a few other fairs. i've always liked her setup. her wears are also kind of off beat in a romantic way, which is something i'm always drawn to. she's got some rather cute jewelry here!

recycled reads: this fascinated quinn and i. now, i must preface this with the fact that i'm usually not a fan of defacing/altering books in anyway. i don't know why, but it really has been something that's always bothered me. BUT this was cool. they took books and sculpted names and shapes into the pages with out cutting them or ruining the book really. it's all just folded. you can see what i mean here!

brooklyn bags/ lines and shapes: ahh sigh...these might be my new favorite things. i'm very interested in shrinky dink projects right now. and to see such well made ones, is really inspiring! there's a good possibility i'm going to be getting one of these in the near future! you can find more of these awe-inspiring pieces here!\

i've been a nut case for etsy lately! so you should be expecting more things like this coming your way in the future! also, i'll be announcing the winner of the giveaway most likely tomorrow. she's already been contacted but i'd like to publicly congratulate her on here! so look for that as well!

well take it easy everyone, it's just going to get hotter this week. so stay in doors as much as possible, stay safe and cool!

keep it funky!
holly <3

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