Thursday, July 14, 2011

what's holly been doing lately?

well...i've been doing alot of reading and playing a few video games a whole bunch (and watching movies, but that'll be a different post :D) so i thought i'd share what i've been up to!

i'm not going to lie, i seriously take months at a time to read books and usually if it's a series of books...well let's just say i don't read alot of series. i'm kind of a slow reader (i like to take things in slowly or otherwise i don't focus and i completely forget what i have read 2 minutes later, so yea quinn that's why i still have half of your books sitting in my room).

speaking of quinn....he's a big fan of the scott pilgrim series and has pushed his love of them on to me (i'm not complaining.)

i'm currently on the 2nd volume. so far i really like them... they read just like the movie. or maybe the movie plays just like the comic reads? uuuhh yea, you get it!

i'm a pretty big nerd, mostly an art nerd but on occasion i branch out and my nerdiness reaches into the depths of the unspeakable...anime. uggh, when we were in highschool amanda was in LOVVVE with anime, i'm not sure if she watches as much as she did back then though. i hated it, but over the years and countless anime conventions later (p.s. that's where quinn and i met *nerd alert!*) i have grown an appreciation for the anime and mangas. which takes me to my next current read. i stumbled upon this series a long time ago when i was rummaging through a local book store. its about these ssuuupper cute little witch sisters. sugar sugar rune...

its a really quick, easy read. that's why i like these types of comics. they're light and fun! i can usually get through one in about an hour or so.

and then...there's the books that take me months....currently i'm read lolita. yep, that crazy naughty book lolita. the one where the other man has a thing for little girls and falls in love with them. i'm not all the way through it, so please don't spoil it for me :D god, after rereading what i just wrote it sounds so weird for me to be reading this book haha! ahhh, do i sound pervy? gosh, i hope not haha!
my day job is at an airbrush shop, which sounds really cool right? well, i'm not going to lie, sometimes its not so awesome. some people that come in are really cruel and its not as fun as you'd think painting everything everyone else wants. so some days it doesn't feel like i have super cool job, those days i turn to this book to get me through...artist in the office.

it's jam-packed with fun ideas to boost you're imagination and focus your creativity in a way that doesn't make you want to commit suicide everytime you walk into your place of work. i read it on the days that everything goes wrong and no one is happy with the things i've painted for them. those days are more often than you'd think. people are actually reallllyyyyy picky (who'd have thought, right?)
anyways, its a really helpful, insightful and fun book. and any other creatives out there that feel like they're getting really burned out, i suggest this book!


my lovely boyfriend is an avid gamer, and before i met him i really had no interest in gaming. well, my friend kiefer and i were pretty hooked on little big planet when that first came out, but that's about as far as it went. but recently, quinn's been buying me all kinds of games and i've been trying to play as much as i can handle. i have a short attention span for such things. but i'm getting better!

recently, i've been playing alot on steam. these are a few of the one's i'm really into right now....

mother friggin peggle! good god, i am the peggle lord! i love this game. it's super casual and really satisfying when you get it right! he tells me that being good at peggle is like being good at breathing but i can't help it, i get super stoked when i finish a level! haha!

oh man, this game. this game is crazy and so fucking hard! but i love it! quinn yells cuss words alot when he plays it, and i just kind of growl an excessive amount. but i highly suggest playing it!

i love spore! i orginally played it with my bud kiefer back when we were in school and he was trying to convince me that video games were a good thing. this kind of got me on his side. this game is tons of fun, even thought i've yet to get past the creature stage. any one have any tips??? i'd love to get alittle further!

yes, i have crossed over into the super nerd land. i have been playing pokemon fire red. it's all quinn's doing. but i'm not allowed to play any of the pretty shiny new ones...i have to play them in order. starting at the very beginning. akkk.

is there any one that has yet to play this??? if so, you've been living under a rock! must. play. this. game!
seriously though, super fun! it even distracts my dad for entire days at a time! haha! really fun and pretty casual game!

i hope you guys have enjoyed my little reading/game list! what are all of you reading or playing??? i'd love to hear from you!

keep it funky!

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