Sunday, August 21, 2011

art commissions

wow! i can't even begin to tell you all how heart warming all your comments about my art work are! they mean so much to me!
i've been getting alot of people asking for prices on commissions and i figure i should give you some figures. art work is tricky to price because everything is always to different as far as the level of complexity. but here's the general range...
 cartoon sketch (in pencil or pen, your choice!) 1-3 people $20

simple portrait in pencil. light detailing $30
colored portrait, high detail (colored pencil): $40
digital portrait, simple one color background detail $45
digital portrait, super high detail, detailed background and forground
1-5 physical copies mailed to you $55

digital portrait with high detail and 1-5 physical copies mailed to you of 2 or more people (group portraits) start at $100. most portraits take 2-3 weeks to finish depending on my work load. but i'll let you know how long when we discuss everything. if you're interested email me AT

holly <3

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  1. So I came across your site by way of Love, Elycia... and then I saw the sketch in this post of Angelina and realized I know you! haha Small world. Cute blog!


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