Monday, August 1, 2011

cupcakes and such things

this week's inspiration monday is all about cupcakes. yep, cupcakes. i can't really help it, i'm a complete sucker for the things and i really can't get enough of them. and yes, i will eat more than one if you let me! not only do are they the most delicious pastry (in my opinion) but they're also a BIG source of inspiration for me as far as artwork goes! i love the colors and shapes and everything about them, they often end up in my art and you can find cupcake musings all through out my work, mostly color inspiration! 

so i hope you enjoy all the lovely colors of this week's cupcake filled monday! enjoy!!
                                             ok, not so much a cupcake, but a jar cake

so i know there aren't any cupcakes in this table scape, but i just had to share. the colors are aaamazing.
these next pictures are ones of our own here at O&C! up first is an adorable change purse amanda made, she's going to be talking about it and some other fun things alittle later on. after that is a digital painting a did at the beginning of the summer that i thought goes rather well with today's post, just to show you that treats really do show up in my art! 

 i hope you all enjoyed today's finds you can find all of the sorces to the above pictures (minus mine and amanda's work) here on pinterest!!! do you like cupcakes and other pastries? what are some of your favorites???
 also, here's a peak at something i'm working on for festivals/the shop!!


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