Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Excitement and other lovely things

Hello all! Are you as excited about this art show as we are? If not you should be. I know I'm feeling even more motivated to create. Life has been busy for me as life tends to be for us all sometimes. My busy has been many good things, however. So worry not my dears for I am well.

I have sooo much to share with you today! I'm really excited about it. So let use begin!

Me! I've been being very crafty despite being so busy and if I have my way I will have some super awesome non-hat like things to share within the next few days. I'll give you all a hint just to tease you because I'm cruel like that. Feet. That is all I have to say. You will get no more from me....none....nothing....I am a fortress of secrets and obscurity. Poker face. P-p-p-poker face. So don't make the droopy cute eyes and beg, because I won't tell you. It will be much more fun when I surprise you I promise. ^_^ Lets move on to things I can tell you shall we?

 I have finally finished the pink hat with its cute little cupcake cross-stitch. This took soooo much time to finish but it's so cute and was so worth the time I put into it. It so soft and warm and comfy. DON'T YOU JUST WANT TO SNUGGLE IT TO YOUR HEAD AND DRINK HOT CHOCOLATE!?! .....I thought so.....you share in my dream of chilly weather and snuggly hats......I knew I liked you guys. ^_^

 I am in LOVE with this button. It was made for this hat and was just lying around my sewing box doing nothing. So I put it to good cute use. This hat is made for those of you who do not have a giant head {I have a big head....its ok....)

 FLOWERS! Yes that is right, cute adorable beanies with cute
adorable flowers for a cute adorable head! ^_^.............

I will give you a moment to brush your teeth so you don't get cavities from all the sweet I just threw at you.

We good now?

Clean teeth?

No permanent damage?

Good good, moving on now.
I love this semi slouchy hat, the colors mesh together so perfectly. It almost reminds me of vanilla ice cream with caramel........now I'm making myself hungry.....geeze.....and I thought Holly was bad with all the yummy cupcake photos.....

I could not be more pleased with how this turned out. Its a hood that buttons around the neck to keep you all warm and cozy. More for cold weather yes, which is hard to think of now in August, but it will be here soon enough and I could not quash the inspiration to see how this would turn out. I am in love with it really. I hope you all like it as well. 
Well that is all I have for you for now, but I will be back soon with more to share!
Please feel free to comment and share ideas or thoughts. I'm always inspired by suggestions.
Until Next time 
Live Well, Laugh Often, Love much  
 ❤ Jessi

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