Tuesday, September 27, 2011

i made it market @ BKSQ recap!

hello friends! stopping by to tell you about our first show that happened this weekend! it was just me and my dad this weekend, the other girls were unable to go. their schedules are insane lately!
here's the photos from the market, our sales were alittle low, but it was a great experience and i met alot of wonderful people! hopefully the next show we do will be better, but this one was still really nice!

WARNING*** there is a photo at the end with alittle bit of blood. be warned it's kind of gross. 

this was my booth! it was so bright and colorful! i loved it, i can't wait to do more shows so i can perfect my booth style, but for my first show, i thought it was great!!!

 since my mom couldn't actually be there, i figured i'd bring a photo of all of us so she could be there in spirit! and yes, that's a tiny holly in that photo! wasn't i adorable?!

 dad fell asleep half way through the day...do think his snoring is what drove people away?? haha!
how cute is this little one!?? she fell in love with and bought one of my mushroom charms! this made my day, she was so excited about it and was showing everyone she could get a hold of!! loooove!
so this...this is the result of my trying to be a good person. it was a really windy day and the really nice lady next to me, her display was blowing away and started to fall. being the nice person i am, i rushed over to help and slipped on the curb while running around the back of our booths. so now i have a massive scrape and bruises on that knee. i'm not complaining, i'll heal but i thought i'd share how i ripped my favorite tights. the woman felt so terrible about the whole thing she gave me money to replace my tights, unnecessary but very kind!
over all it was an interesting experience with a few bumps and bruises to my body (and my ego) but i pulled through and i can't wait to do another show! fingers crossed i get in to the next one!

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holly <3

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