Thursday, October 6, 2011

new painting and prints

hello friends, i have something pretty neato today for you. it's a painting that i started almost a year ago and finally finished this week. i also have a  few 'in progress' photos of it from when i was working on it! you can get this as a print over here on society6. i'll also have a few prints of it this weekend at PITTSBURGH STEP TREK you can read more about the festival and everything in this post  jessi and i will be there this weekend. so if you're in the area please stop by and say hi!! i'd love to meet some of you!

i did this piece in water color, ink, oils and acrylics on bristol board (its just a really nice kind of paper). so here's those photos!

i hope you guys like it! i'm very proud of this piece it took me a very long time to finish it. i started it when my mother first went into the hospital. it was a good way for me to take my mind of things at the time. and after everything, i wasn't able to pick it up for a while. but i'm glad i did, it's become one of my favorite paintings to far. i've titled it 'death's cold grasp'. i know it's an extremely morbid title for such a lovely scene but it's really all i could think to call it. it was born out of a tragedy and thus the name. so sorry if this brought down the mood, but i figure i should tell you guys the truth about it instead of me naming it something bright and cheery when i know in my heart it's not what it is about.

on a lighter note...jessi is coming over tomorrow night and i'm going to convince her to record a vlog with me, so that should be fun! you guys will get to see how nuts we are! she brings out the best parts of me, i love her dearly and i don't think i laugh harder with any one else, well, except amanda. holy crap, the next time the three of us are in a room together i promise to record something. we've always been the three musketeers and i know you guys would get a kick out of it!

well, until then my friends!


  1. Wow. This painting is seriously breath taking. Looks like it took a lot of time and patience (& most importantly talent!)

    xo, Samantha

  2. thanks mama! it really did take for ever to do. thank you for such kind words!

    xoxo! holly


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