Friday, November 25, 2011

officially presenting- geometry & the girl

hello friends!

today is the day, i'm launching the geometry and the girl line that i've been so hard at work at! you can find all of the items below in our etsy shop! since today is black friday, use the code: BLACKFRIDAY25 to get 10% off today only!! if you're not shopping today, don't worry i'll be giving an even bigger discount for cyber monday!!! hope all of your holidays were amazing yesterday!
i hope you guys love these products just as much as i do! they're all reasonably priced and made with love. AND if you buy any of the geometry and the girl products, if you buy another, shipping is free! **this is only on this product line. only geometry and the girl products are included in this** you can easily find them in their own section! happy shopping friends!!!

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