Monday, March 5, 2012

help out your girl!

holy crap you guys! i'm so sick this week! i had some fun things that i was wanting to write about, but because i've got this insane cold/flu thing...i dunno what it actually is but i feel like crap...but yea blogging is at a stand still at the moment. but i figured this would be a great platform for some advice. 
do you guys have any awesome home remedies for head colds?
my nose is so stuffy and miserable, if you guys have any advice for me i would love to hear it!!!! it would be greatly appreciated. so leave me a comment if you do and i'll love you forever!


  1. I hate cold medicine, but the Tylenol decongestant and anti-inflammatory stuff really really helped me out this year. My usual go-to is green tea and honey in copious amounts, zinc and tons of water + some steam action (which for me usually involves a really long hot shower because I detest hanging out over a steamy thing with a towel on my head). Hope you feel better soon!

  2. thanks mama! i'm definitely going to try some of these!! <3

  3. Not sure if any of this stuff is available to you but Vicks vapo rub. Medic room spray and lemsip.
    Plus lots of long hot showers or even better a bath.. the heat and steam are always good for a head cold.

  4. Honey, lemon and hot water. Karvol in some water and in a burner. Steam will help as well.


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