Friday, March 23, 2012

i wanna hear from YOU!!!

so i was thinking about switching things up a bit around here!
and i need your help!!

i know you've all see the neato DIY's around the blogosphere and i was thinking about doing a few and i'd like to know what you guys would like to see first! so here's the options that i've got for you:

  • an art DIY- kind of like a drawing lesson
  • a craft DIY- jewelry, sewing or maybe some home decor
  • a food DIY- some sort of recipe, maybe a baked good or drink     
so just leave me a comment, telling me which one you'd like to see first! and i'll be posting in within the next week or two! things are going to be changing a bit around here and its gonna start with you guys! i write not only for myself but for you guys too so tell me what you'd like to see!!!


  1. I'd love any of them but for first I'd love an art diy! :D ~Cath

  2. I love the craft one, but all sound great! Runaway Thrift is having a giveaway throughout March 29th, check it out!


i read EVERY SINGLE comment and i try to respond as best as possible, so check back if you've had a question or would just like to chat! <3

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