Thursday, February 24, 2011

apologetic holly is apologetic.

yo, yo, yiggity yo!

uggg, this is going to be short and rather boring, i apologize. not only for this lame post, but for my absence with in the last couple of days. my life has been absolutely nuts the last few days, i had to fill in for my boss, who is sick, and worked an 11.5 hour shift yesterday. i had to get a ride off of amanda to get home and she was late getting out of work, so i got home really really really really late. instead of getting home at 5 last night, i got home at like 10:30. i had full intentions of blogging yesterday, but during the day my brain turned to mush. i was a zombie holly. it was painful, to say the least. 

but fear not blog followers! i hope to be putting something interesting up later this evening and frugal fridays is tomorrow! i've been working on my FF segment the last few days in between all of my chaos!  yea, if you didn't already know.... i am the chaos end of order & chaos! 

that's about it for right now lovers!



  1. can't you blog from work?
    ( everyone else is doing it :)

  2. yea i can, and normally do! haha! but i've been completely exhausted lately. i'm regaining energy, so i should be getting back into the swing of things soon!


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