Thursday, February 24, 2011

Disregard that, ...

So y'know how I said I was gonna spend my free time crafting a few days ago? Well, that didn't happen. I attempted to work on a project for a friend that I agreed to months ago but after burning four fingers, ruining mom's dish towel, and still not getting a workable piece I decided to give up on plastic for a while (sorry Ashley! You'll get it eventually, I promise!). This means my primary medium for a while will be beads. I like beads. Beads are nice. Beads don't get stuck under your fingernails and make the house smell like burnt grilled cheese. In fact, beads seldom misbehave at all, and when they do I just flick them across the room and watch the cats chase and, eventually; bury them in the litter box. Unfortunately beads are a lot more labor intensive on my hands. Crimping tiny metal cylinders, gripping wire between my fingers, and stringing beads one at a time is killer on my already bad hands; and of course all of the projects I have planned are elaborate and multi-strand. So I guess my goings will be slow for a while, at least on the productivity front. But at least I can still blog and surf the internet, which is what I did last night. And I came across these:

I think I want them more than life itself. Actually all of the dresses in their plus size collection are amazing. I've always had a thing for retro fashion and cute prints and I am slowly bringing it back. The other day I wore a ribbon headband that I made myself over a year ago for the first time since I made it.

Innit cute? It was inspired by a Japanese magazine that Holly picked up in New York. There was a segment in there featuring hundreds of adorable headbands and how to wear them. It really got me in the mood to wear some but I didn't have any so I whipped out some ribbon and spare elastic and made myself one. Recently I've been wearing a lot of cute headbands and hairclips to work. I sometimes feel that the designs I choose are a bit too young-looking for me but the reaction from customers is generally positive and they make me smile so I don't really care. I guess I'm really just a kid at heart. I mean, just look at my artwork.

You're jealous.

Love & kisses,


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