Saturday, February 26, 2011

Do yourself a favor, darling; step down from the broken chair. The comfort that you're looking for is surely not up there.

Long-winded rhyming post titles mean it is once again time for Coco to fill your screens with semi-informative, at times important, and always rambling content. Yey! I'm also tipsy at the moment, so there's that too. I had a pretty bad day today. Plans I had been looking forward to for weeks got changed in such a way that it wasn't really possible for me to go and that brought me down. So being down I turned to my usual methods of comforting myself. Let me share them with you.

Method 1: Sleep.
Once it became apparent that I was going to spend the day at home I took a nice lovely nap with my cat. I woke feeling pissed.

Method 2: Music.
There are bands and artists that I adore simply because they can bring me out of a funk and cheer me up almost instantly, let me tell you of them. But first, let me warn you that my taste in music is quite global and eclectic. I am in no way trying to pretend to be normal.

Olivia Lufkin, known professionally as OLIVIA is one of my absolute favorite artists. I love her voice and her style.
Florence & The Machine. I found this delightful artist quite recently and I must say I love her.
Kate Nash. I think I must have a thing for redheads.
The Jane Austen Argument. As you can no doubt tell, I adore this band. Sorry for the live but they are so young of a band that they haven't any real music videos. They do, however; have an EP for download on Bandcamp. It will be the best $5 you ever spend, I promise you.
Foxy Shazam may be the only reason I go to Warped Tour this summer.
Punchline. They have better music videos but I threw this on here for Amanda and Holly because it was filmed at Douglas a few months after they were there.
Epik High. I know this video is about as serious as the last one, but their music is seriously amazing.

It is a rare day that music fails to brighten my mood. Today was one of those days. So I moved on to method 3.

Method 3: Reading.
I read quite a bit. My current read is:
This is a kooky tale of murder, revenge, social satire, and karaoke. I took a bit of a gamble on this book since it was by an author I have never read before but damn am I glad I bought it. I am having a hard time putting it down.

My next read shall be:
This is a historic fiction piece about Alice Liddell Hargreaves, the girl who inspired the famous story of a girl who falls down a rabbit hole. The cover intrigued me and I picked it up and flipped through it until I found something that caught my eye. Before I knew it I had read four chapters and the bookstore nazi's were standing over me giving me the "You gonna buy that or what?" stare.

People say that it is terrible to judge a book by its cover but I so often do and I very seldom regret it. In fact, I have discovered numerous great authors and passed them along to friends because of my method of choosing books. Even my wardrobe has been impacted by my taste in literature. As of today I now own two pairs of Fucksox; striped socks inspired by the favorite saying of Abby Normal, a character in Christopher Moore's You Suck and Bite Me.

I also had the pleasure of recently purchasing a t-shirt featuring the entire "I believe" speech from Neil Gaiman's amazing American Gods I kid you not when I say that this may be the most amazing paragraph ever written in what may be one of my favorite books of all time (which they are releasing an anniversary edition of soon that I want more than life itself!). Below you can see the author himself modeling the shirt and a necklace that I also bought off of the site.

As you can probably tell, I tend to spend more money when I am upset so method four should be easy to guess.

Method 4: Emotional Shopping.
I once spent $195 on import CDs when my favorite hockey team lost a playoff game. Today was much more tame. My purchases included some lottery tickets, liquor, and a trip to the mall to have my nails done with my brother's girlfriend that turned into punching more holes in my ear since the nail places were full and not accepting any more clients. About an $85 price tag for the day, including dinner which is actually probably less than I would have spent if my plans hadn't been killed.

Method 5: Comfort Food.
Namely, chocolate. Copious amounts of it. I ate light at dinner just so I could order the most decadently chocolate dessert on the menu without guilt.

Method 6: Drinking, which is where you now find me.
And honestly, what is a bit of guilt in the face of a nice big haul from the state store? After a Jack and Coke or two all of those pesky "You really shouldn't have done that" and "You're on a diet" thoughts just slip away. Fortunately my consciousness is doing the same so I'mma head to bed as soon as I wrap this up. I hope this has shown you a bit of what makes me tick and inspires me and hasn't just been an entry full of me venting. I'm off to bed now so let the process begin anew.

Love and kisses,

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