Saturday, February 26, 2011

frugal friday and other fun things i've found on the internet....

hello lovers! 

well, its friday, so i guess you know what's coming next...yep frugal friday. i've been working on this one for the past few days and i really like it. it's really simple but i like the design. and beyond that, i like the clothes. (excuse my writing today, if it doesn't make much sense, it's because i'm in starbucks writing this. yea i know, lame. but it's like stimulus overload. a million people, plus checking my phone every two seconds to see if quinn has called so that i can escape this hipster filled hell) well... frugal fridays. yea. 

i'm learning to properly edit these weird-ass things from polyvore, or anything from the internet as a matter of fact. also, i'm waiting for my tea to cool down, and then maybe i can drink it, calm down and not be so distracted by these weirdos in starbucks. is it strange that even though i come here every friday, normally around the same time, to wait on quinn and i always feel so ridiculous and pretentious. i try and avoid the windows at all cost, in hopes no one that knows me will see me sitting in here, sipping on good tea out of a douchy paper cup? most of the time i have some sort of hood over my head, like i'm incognito. i must be a fool. i should just go find another place to sit for a half hour and wait. but i don't. ugghh....

soo the above was written last night at about 6:25 and its now 10:53 saturday morning. i suck at life. haha! no actually, quinn came and rescued me from starbucks, we came home, ate dinner and fell asleep. we're so cool! so my frugal friday is now... umm... sale savvy saturday? yea... we'll go with that...

next week i'm hoping to ACTUALLY post frugal friday, on friday.

ALRIGHT.... now for fun internet things. get ready!

this little girl is just amazing. Gaga herself actually posted this on twitter the other day and i just about fell in love with this little one! she's so talented.

i found this one via etsy on twitter. some times they post some really interesting things! and truth be told, that's how i normally find my interesting internet thingers. i'm a lazy blogger :)

(how adorable is this little sailor dress! i want one so badly)
(i love the colors and composition!)
(i would definitely hang this on my wall!)

i don't think i've told you guys about my love of momiji dolls. when quinn and i were in florida this past october, i found my first momiji in the china section of disney's epcot. her name is snuggle.
i was so in love. after that, like a fiend i snagged up 5 more off their website. i now have 6 beautiful momiji dolls and i love everyone of them. but snuggle is still my favorite. she's so precious. besides stalking their website every couple of days for new dolls, i also follow them on twitter, their blog and facebook! i'm alittle bit obsessed. their blog is filled with fun pictures of their adventures as well as fun projects you can do at home! they recently came out with a new doll collection that i'm so infatuated with, and am probably going to buy at least one of them when i'm finished writing this post! haha! they're the book club! and they're adorable... take a look!
how sweet! my favorites are the two in the very front, especially the one in blue! can anyone guess why??? i'll give you a hint... look at her hair, what color is it? haha! gotta support my fellow red heads :)

you can check out more of their absolutely gorgeous dolls on their website and their blog!

i would also like to promote this girl's work, i follow her work on deviantart and not only is all of her stuff super super cute, it's also very reasonable as far as price! it's a bunch of kawaii jewelry and accessories. she also makes a lot of  really yummy smelling body wash and other fun bath and body items. check it out!

i think that's about it for now kids! later on, i'll post some work in progress pictures of the art i'm working on. and hopefully tomorrow some pictures from the LADY GAGA CONCERT that amanda and i are going to tonight! yea, be jealous! ha!


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