Wednesday, February 16, 2011

etsy and free people LOVE-FEST (plus valentine's day photos)

hello my lovelies!

well my darling girls have already posted and i can't tell you how excited i am that almost everyone is on board with the project!

its funny, all the pictures of the 3 of us are terrible. with most of them feature our doll coco (colleen) flipping off the camera.
this is probably my favorite.
  its going to be super fun working with my best friends, i really can't think of anything more fun! 

anyhoozle... here's what i initially planned on writing about today. 

the more i look into etsy, the more i flippin' loooove it! i've come across so many wonderfully talented people and some absolutely crazy amazing crafty things! i'm obsessively following etsy on twitter, i get daily email updates and read every SINGLE one. crazy, i know! i guess i'm just getting more involved with the internet, which i've boycotted for years now. i'm opening up to it and we're developing a wonderfully fruitful friendship, the internet and i. so here's a couple neato finds i have stumbled upon with the last couple of days!

and this could be the very best....

i would highly suggest reading this article on sevenply, titled 'quit your day job'. its very insightful and a wonderful read. it was really inspiring and beyond that i checked out her store and she makes some really interesting pieces of jewelry. so check it out, it's pretty awesome! 

free people

these are just a few of my favorite things from their february catalog. i think the crown ring is one of the coolest things i've seen in a long while. i love obscure jewelry. if you have any suggestions on neato things send them our way!
ok so my valentine's day was super adorable. i worked from 3-9 that evening and my love worked in the day. he picked me up from work that evening and as i was closing up and counting up the money he walks in. his hands are around his back and he smiles and walks up to the counter. from behind him, he pulls out a single yellow rose ( yellow is my favorite color BTW) with baby's breath
and from out of his inside jacket pocket, a box of chocolates

 it was so amazing. i've never gotten chocolates or flowers from a guy other than my father. i'm lame, i know. and then he told me there was another surprise for me in the car. i had no idea what to expect. considering the fact that i wasn't expecting any of the aforementioned gifts. 

so we walk out to the car, well i walked, he ran over to adjust what ever this surprise was that was settled in the front seat. i finally made my way over and found this in the front seat...

yes, my man bought me my little pony figures for valentine's day. he's totally the one for me hahaha! 
no, actually i do love my little ponies but they just came out with a new animated series and its kind of the coolest thing. i'm not even remotely being sarcastic. it's BEAUTIFULLY animated and i love the art style. of coarse the story line is a little corny but it's a show for little girls, not a 22 yr old woman and a 24 yr old man. yes, we're watching it together. 

well that's about it for now! 





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