Wednesday, February 16, 2011

He says I have the soul of the sun but I've yet to ignite it.

'Ello, 'ello! New person here. The name's Colleen but I'm probably going to post under the nickname Coco. Why? Because I can. So I guess I am one of those " few other friends" Holly mentioned before and I am extremely excited to be involved with the project. Unlike the incredibly talented Holly and Amanda, I have no artsy degrees or education of which to speak. I am a self-taught jewelry designer who also dabbles in needlepoint, cooking, writing, and light sewing. My influences are broad and varied and even I have a hard time keeping track of them as I am the type who can get inspired by a single moment of a movie or lyric of a song. Today I broke things off with my boyfriend of three months so I will likely be throwing myself headlong into this project as a means of distraction and to keep myself occupied. I look forward to sharing my ideas with the lot of you and eventually selling my wares through the Order and Chaos shop. I promise I'll post a lovely picture and link-filled post soon but right now I've gotta get to work.


Credit for the post title goes to the Jane Austen Argument and their lovely song Phoenix.

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