Friday, February 18, 2011


hey there everybody! this is going to be the first instalement of my lil' segment here.... 

FRUGAL FRIDAYS! haha! i know it sounds really lame, but i really like it. what it is... it's a set via polyvore that i will make every friday each item in that set will have to be $40 or under. i know that's not super frugal, but if you're buying something brand new you can bet that alot of the stuff you're going to find is going to be waaaaaaay way over $40. so as a set, it does add up but each item in that set is relatively cheap. 

well here ya go! frugal fridays #1

State Flower Ring
$13 -
Resin jewelry »

Carolyn Beaded Belt
$20 -
Belts »

speech bubble by liveℓℓa

and with every set, it has the prices, and where to find the items! 

hope you guys like it! 


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