Sunday, February 20, 2011

And you see; I think the grim reaper should go after that fucking debt collector so I can sing whatever I bloody goddamn well please.

I'm stealing lyrics from the Jane Austen Argument again. I really can't help it, they're just too good. I'm also posting from my mobile right now just to see if I can, and it seems to be working. Maybe I'll use this to my advantage and blog on the go, like from work! Because who am I kidding, where else do I go these days? I'm currently on day 2 of working six days straight. I plan on using what little free time I have in the mornings and early afternoons to work on some projects for Order & Chaos. It'll mostly just be jewelry projects for now until I can get together with my girls and start talking collaborations and other ideas. Well, I do believe it is time to stop talking about doing something and actually do it. I hope to hit you up with some pictures of new work soon!

Love & Kisses,

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