Sunday, February 20, 2011

my spring colors!

hello loves! 

so i know it's only february, but this time of year i feel like spring is right around the corner. so in preparation of the upcoming season, i'm going to give you me favorite colors for spring! i love getting ready for warm weather and renewing my wardrobe and pulling out what i wore last year and putting a new spin on it! can you tell i have a thing for fashion?? ha! anyhoozle... here they are, my spring colors!

Coral Cluster Necklace
$122 -
Beach necklaces »

Ami Drops, Kiwi
$138 -
Beading jewelry »

Little brown owl earrings (+)
8.50 GBP -
Brown jewelry »

Alkemie + Peace Sign Buckle
$240 -
Buckle belts »

Coral Reef Nail Polish
$2.80 -

i'm super excited for spring, i can't wait! i'm going to be wearing a lot of these colors, and a few others that i'll be posting later.

also, with in the next couple of days, i'm hoping to be posting a few pictures of things i've been working on. amanda and i are going to see lady gaga this upcoming saturday and i've made a few necklaces that i'm planning on wearing! i'm super stoked! i'm spending the weekend of at my boyfriends and i don't have any of my crafty things here. but i've been working on a digital art piece that i've been working on all weekend and i'm really excited to share it with everyone! 


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  1. How bad is it that I didn't even have to look at the caption to know that the O.P.I was "Teal The Cows Come Home". I love that shade!


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