Sunday, February 13, 2011

welcome, welcome, welcome!!!

hello everyone! this is the first entry of the design team known as 'order and chaos'. i'm holly and this is my brain child! my very best friend amanda and i are started up alittle design company, which in the very near future will be our adorable and funky little store here in our home town of Pittsburgh ( and yes, we are most definitely steelers fans:D )

order and chaos is a mish-mash of everything that we love. it's a little bit of art, music, poetry, sculpture, clothing, antiques, and so much more! we'll be posting all of our projects and the wonderful things that inspire us. we've been doing art and other such things for such a long time now, for as long as i can remember. this has been my dream for ever! we love crafting and art and all that has to do with it! 

amanda and i both graduated from douglas education center. she has a degree in special effects makeup and i have a degree in illustration. and together, we're going to combine our talents with a few of our other friends to create this beautiful business! 

stay tuned everybody, we're going to be cooking up some super neat stuff very soon!! 


 (and no, i don't actually have a mustache ha!)

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