Sunday, February 13, 2011

inspiration and few personal photos

they don't update this very often but forestlace on live journal has some fantastic photos, i love just going back and seeing what they're got here's the link

forestlace it's great!

i know this is a little late, but i did just start this thing today haha! this past tuesday my love and i celebrated valentine's day early, because we're both working tomorrow. we went to see a showing of Camelot at the o'reiley theater downtown in pittsburgh's cultural district and afterwards had a great dinner at cafe milanio. its a really nice place, and they have the greatest food for a reasonable price. he and i looked great that night too! i got all dolled up and he wore dress pants, a vest and his hat ( which he never takes off :D)

i did my hair and ACTUALLY put on makeup (it's a rarity), we had a really nice time. 

another blog i've been obsessively following (like a crack fiend) is the ladies over @ the red velvet shop and miss elsie cake and her darling sister emma!

a beautiful mess (elsie)
(she's kind of a crafting genius)  

from scratch (miss emma)
(her recipes look wonderfully yummy, i can't wait to try some)

i would STRONGLY consider checking out these lovely ladies and their adorable store. they're just such a delight, and i really look up to them and find them so inspirational! 
well, that's all for now my lovelies, i've got to close up shop

holly <3

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