Thursday, April 28, 2011

douchey post thursday #2

hey there eeeeeverybody! 

coco thought last week's douchey post thursday was pretty funny, so i think i'm going to keep it going. this week, my douchey-ness is all about posting pictures that i should have posted days days daaaaaaaays ago. that and things that i've had to keep a secret because they were presents. so here goes....
 recently, quinn and i celebrated our 1 year anniversary. i made him a pair of hand-sewn dolls in our likeness. he thought they were cute, and now has them sitting on his desk. these things took forever to make, but it was fun and he really enjoyed them! 

as you guys know, the gang and i helped celebrate our darling coco's birthday this past weekend...

this purse (and a bunch of other randomly fun stuff) was my present to her. i think i worked an entire day, just trying to make this thing perfect. i think she liked it! 
 after a little bit of chaos, we ended up at one of me and quinn's favorite restaurants,cambod-ican kitchen, they have some of the best food in pittsburgh! i highly recommend their seafood wontons! omigod, i could eat them everyday for every meal! i don't remember what they called this dish...but it has rice noodles, chicken, cucumber, peanuts and herbs in it. it smelled like the most heavenly bowl of summer. and soooo tasty.
 this past sunday, of coarse, was easter. these are just a couple of the eggs that quinn and i dyed over at his mom's house. it was such a nice day. my dad came over, his sister, the baby and her boyfriend were there too! we dyed eggs, played with the baby, everybody took a nap and we watched tv. it was so relaxed and his mom made such a nice dinner! 
 so i was off this past tuesday and i always try and do at least one thing crafty on my day off. this is what i got into. i made some really neato pendants out of sculpty clay. 
 and then...painted them! i love when the weather starts getting alittle warmer and i can go outside and paint. 
the next couple of pictures are of what i did.

i think the tiny mushrooms are probably my favorite. i'll be making more. i've still got to bend the wires and actually make them wearable. but i was letting them dry, i clear-coated them yesterday and now they're all shiny and adorable! those and the rest of these pendants will be for sale! 

i'll be sewing alot more in a few days. and i really need to make some more jewelry. i'm working on cleaning out a space to work in my house. so that's taking up some time. but keep checking back, the girls and i are always working on things!! 


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