Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Coco loves Jason Williams, April's Army, The Audrey Project, Stuart Rose, Punchline, and 8 in 8.

So hey guys, I am thinking of starting a little section here where I link to shops and sites that are selling things or asking for donations to raise funds for various charities. I'll call this little segment "Coco loves [x]". So here it goes.

Currently I love:

Etsy Shop "For Jason" - All proceeds of this shop go to helping Jason Williams afford Pancreatic cancer vaccine treatments. The shop has wonderful bath and beauty products as well as some cute handmade accessories. Also helping Jason are the folks over at Regretsy. Regretsy site owner April Winchell has put together an army of Etsy-ers who will be donating handmade items to a special shop that will only be open for the last week of each month with all proceeds going to a new cause each month. Follow April's Army on Facebook, the April's Army Shop on Facebook, and April's Army on Twitter. I really hope the April's Army project keeps going for a good long while because I think it is wonderful and would love to have Order & Chaos donate some items to worthy causes.

The Audrey Project - Audrey is a seven year old girl with a disease that will soon rob her of her eyesight. Her aunt and uncle want to take her on a trip to Europe so that she can experience the sights of London and Paris before she loses the ability to see forever. They are asking for donations to help this girl see what she will never forget.

Stuart Rose - Stuart is a 21 year old marathon runner in the UK who is running for a very good cause. He runs to raise money and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis, which he also has. He is very close to raising the target amount for his goal.

Punchline - I mentioned last night that the drummer of this band (which happens to be one of my favorites) was badly injured in a fight with the members of the God-awful scene band BrokeNCYDE (or however the hell they spell their friggin' name). Well the band has decided to release their latest album for the donation of your choice (FREE is an option) over at http://www.brokencydesucks.com/ . All they ask is for you to share the link like crazy. I also think it would be rad if you guys listened to their music and gave them some scrobbles on Last.fm since moving a band up in the charts is one of my favorite ways of showing support.

8 in 8 - What do you get when you throw Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, Damian Kulash, and Ben Folds into a room for 8 hours and tell them to write 8 songs? You get a 6 track album titled "Nighty Night" to be downloaded for a donation of $1 or more with all proceeds going to http://berkleecitymusicnetwork.org/ . I'm going to download my copy right now.

Well, that's all I've got for you this time folks. I hope you enjoy the free and almost-free music, wonderfully priced soaps, and sheer joy of helping out your fellow man that I've offered today.

Love you all!

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