Thursday, April 14, 2011

holly fights the internet to bring you witty blog posts!

greetings you crafty little fools! 
so just as the last time i posted something, i am once again battling the mall's fucking lame ass wireless internet connection. for some reason, my comcast email WILL NOT load. BUT, i have found a way around this problem, i'm using our gmail account now! yay, for finding simple ways to overcome technology. so this post will soldier on! 

on tuesday, the girls and i had a wonderful, fun-filled craft day. if any of you follow us on twitter, you probably saw atleast one of these photos.
it started out with a mad dash of colleen and i trying to scramble to gather all of our craft supplies to take down to amanda's house. after that we went downtown to this absolutely magical place, used fixtures inc. wow. i think i'm totally in love with this place. anyway, the reason we went down there is because we're going to start selling our things in the airbrush shop that i work in! you can check it out and find us @
once we're up and running, please come and visit us! and buy our shit! haha!  so we bought a beautiful case to hold our things, pictures most likely up tomorrow, after we pick it up in the afternoon. BUT BUT! i do have a couple of silly pictures from our trip that day! 
so our day started off with a trip to starbucks! i saw these adorable little cake pops about 3 weeks ago and i can't explain in words how crazy my cravings for these have been! i finally got some. i bought 2 flavors, birthday cake (the pink one) and tiramisu (the brown-ish colored one. the birthday cake one pretty much got amanda and myself to have a food-gasm! wow. the other was rather good too, buuuuut i liked the first. 
does this show you how absolutely wonderful and majestic used store fixtures inc. is??? i think so. boxes and boxes full of body parts! my kind of place!
i don't know if you guys can read the sign above the room but it says 'the body shop'. yep, its a room filled with mannequins! delightful! 
this is just hysterical! i had to take a photo. it's too funny.
we found this in the room full of glass panels and cases. i'm guessing someone put their head through the wall? and then they just drew a face... there's tons of funny things like this all over the store! 
this is amanda's living room, in the middle of us trying to craft. there was tons of junk food and a beer or two floating around. what a mess! we did get somethings done, really we did! 
holy crap! don't you just love this fabric pattern??? i sure do. i'm making totes and other fun things with it for you guys! i can't wait to get some nice photos of the things i'm making!! you guys are so going to love them. they're going to be in the shop and eventually on our etsy (which is still in the process of being made)
along with making totes and other fun things with my gorgeous fabric! we're making these! 
HAND SEWN TAGS!!! omigosh, right? i'm kinda in love with them! i hope you are too! coco is going to cross stitch some and i'm going to continue 'embroidering' some! they're going to be so awesome!!
that's all the pictures i have from our craft day! we got so much done, we just don't have the pictures up, coco has most of them on her camera and we'll get them up to you soon. we're all super busy getting things done and planning for our spot in the airbrush shop and i'm so excited to share everything with you guys when we accomplish everything! 

that's about it for today, i'm going to sew some more tags before i have to go to work! oh! and frugal friday will be back tomorrow!! i know i'm probably the only one that actually enjoys it, but i think you guys will like the things i've put together, they're very cute and so good for spring (summer-ish)

holly <3

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