Monday, April 11, 2011

holly's promised photos!!

alright my little darlings, as promised i am posting the photos from my little hiatus. 
so i'll start with all of my food pictures (i'm hungry)...
 i've recently become more addicted to tea than ever. i really don't know why, but i am. lately, my favorite is tazo's calm tea. and i've cut out a good bit of sugar in my diet and am using splenda. i thought the saying on the back of the splenda packet was funny. it reads "caution: may result in extreme happiness. sprinkle at your own risk."
 these ones are from Hokkaido Seafood Buffet directions and all that jazz.
i took quinn and dad out to dinner one weekend here, and got dad to try sushi! it was a really nice night and i must say, there food is so yummy! they're alittle pricey, but in my opinion it's worth it. it's an all you can eat joint and you can stuff your face with sushi and other tasty japanese food until you explode (which i normally do)!

 this one's from lulu's noodles in oakland. my friend kiefer came up from maryland for my mom's memorial service and quinn, dad and i took him out to eat. he and dad had never been to lulu's and it's one of mine and quinn's favorite places to eat. i got the sliced chicken, it has noodles (of coarse), bean sprouts and peanuts. its probably my favorite food right now. i literally crave it every now and then! 
 this is one that i made from myself one night at home. i was foraging around the house for something to eat and it was one of those nights i was craving something like lulu's and this is what i came up with! it's ramen noodle, little yellow peppers, green beans and chicken. for just whipping something up with the random stuff in my pantry, it was pretty good! i was rather proud of it, and i just had to show off the new chop sticks i bought when we were at tekko! :)

okay the next few are kinda random....

remember a while back when i said i went thrifting??? this is one of my finds, its just a little simple cup that i think is so adorable. its my new favorite... shhhh, don't tell the other cups! it was only $0.69 (yep, can't find the cent symbol on my keyboard).....
as you guys know, we went to tekkoshocon last weekend. saturday we all kinda went as post apocalyptic/ goth somethingorothers and these were part of my costume. i made fake dreads!! yay! i've always wanted dreads, but i like my hair too much to muck it up that bad, so i figure this is the next best thing. these things are fucking heavy i must say! but if any of you would like some, send my a message or comment on here and you can commission me and i'll make you some! 
this is me at tekko with my new gas mask. i apologize for how dark this is, i'll get the picture off of quinn that he took, it's better quality. 
i don't know if i've ever told you guys about my tattoo or my insane love of alice in wonderland.... anyways i will eventually, but this is the start of a painting for my friend/tattoo artist, andy, he's so talented. i can't even begin to explain my love for this guy and his work! i'll post more pictures of this as i progress with it, along with progress photos of my tattoo and what i looks like now and what it looked like before andy started redoing it.
this is purely for fun. my dad borrowed amanda's mother's car for a bit, after ours exploded a few weeks ago. i found this in the back. its a note from our darling coco, from i can't tell you how long ago. i laughed so hard when i saw this, and i think quinn has a new found respect for her and her sense of humor after we uncovered this. haha! girl i love you!
this also is just for fun. it's quinn and my dad fixing a lamp. i thought they looked cute.
sorry again, for the crappy lighting and quality of this photo. its from my phone. i read this little gem of a graphic novel the other day. quinn got this so long ago and its been sitting on a shelf in the apartment for forever and i just got around to reading it. it was really good and kept my attention throughout the entire read. i'm really tough critic when it comes to art style in these things. it wasn't my favorite, but it's not terrible either. i'm a fan of clean and crisp when it comes to illustration (i grew up with disney). this wasn't all that clean, but the story is good. 
i'm reading something now that i can't WAIT to share with you guys, the art style is SPOT ON for the things that i enjoy. stay tuned.
this is my room and my cat and my awesome fucking calender. that is all. 
remember a while back, i shared a really neato video from free people and the fish tail braid? well i finally tried it, this is the result. i thought it looked pretty cool. it took for fucking ever to do 2 of them. but yea, so worth it. please excuse the tits. i couldn't help it.
i took this one last night over at my aunt's house. this is my quinn. he looks adorable and i thought i'd share his adorableness with all of you! <3

that's about it kiddos, so i hope you enjoyed my little picture journey of my last few weeks. we're having a craft day tomorrow, so stay tuned for some AWESOME! 


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  1. Haha, I honestly can't even tell you when I wrote that and left it in the van. I think it was one of the times that I went to West Virginia with Amanda's family, so years ago. I'm glad it made you smile though. And ohmygosh your hair looks soo cute like that. I may have to have you teach me how to do my hair like that if I don't end up chopping it off in a few days here. <3 C.


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