Sunday, April 10, 2011

Holly! ...yea?.... Where the hell have you been?!

hey guys and dolls, i know its been a long ass time since i've really posted anything of interest. well, maybe not a long ass time, but it's felt like it! alot has gone down with me lately, and its been fucking nuts around my house. 2 weeks ago friday, my mother passed away. it's been really difficult for my dad and i lately, and we're doing our best to heal. blogging helps. also, amazing neil gaiman quotes that my loving boyfriend quinn reads to me...
"-You are mortal: it is the mortal way. You attend the funeral, you bid the dead farewell.
You grieve. Then you continue with your life.
And at times the fact of her absence will hit you like a blow to the chest, and you will weep. But this will happen less and less as time goes on.
She is dead.
You are alive.
So live."
when he read this to me, i won't lie, i felt it was alittle harsh and was alittle offended. but now that i've had some time to think about it, i can see where he was coming from and it's a really powerful quote and it's got me up off the couch. i finally went back to work on wednesday, thankfully it's been a quiet week so far, but it's been difficult to go out of my house. for the past week, i've wanted nothing more than to just sit in my house and stay hidden and not deal with the world. but then i remember this quote. and so here i am, in century  III, writing a blog while on the clock at work! yay, priorities!

well, that's enough of my problems. i'm working on them, i promise and i also promise not to drown you in my sad. i'm going to keep the rest of this post nice and light! yay! 
so through all of this mess, i've actually been able to do some interesting things. a few projects here and there and my dad, my boyfriend and i have been to a few decent places to eat! and you betcha i got some pictures. along with all of that fun, i've stumbled over some neat stuff on the internet along the way. 

(now i must inform you, this post has been incredibly difficult to do, not for any serious reason or anything dealing with the mess that is my life. no. it's been because i've been trying to write this in the mall, and the wireless internet is fucking horrendous. i've been trying to download my pictures and get the things that where emailed to me and i cant' fucking get anything to work! so i do apologize for how long its been since i've posted. i've actually been trying to write this post for about 5 days now. thanks crappy internet.)and still, even with good internet at quinn's house, i am having technological difficulties downloading everything. so the moment i get home this evening, i will post all of the pictures. but i don't want to end this post with you guys drooling over the thought of all of these awesome pictures, projects and links without giving you anything.... so here's a couple fun things until later. 

i really can't remember how i found this video but it's pretty neato! visually its interesting and the music is alright too! 
this next thing should not come as a surprise to anyone that knows me... i have a massive girl boner (heehee) for jason mraz! i can't lie, he's just dreamy.... and i think the things that he's doing for people are just fantastic. he's so uplifting in his words and workings and everything that he does or says brings a smile to my face! you know that commercial for visting california that he's in? you best believe i watch it everytime, just for him! haha! anyhoozle... he supports this jewelry company called energy muse... everything that they create has a purpose in their construction. i love that! he helped them design this bracelet.
you can read all about what each part of this beautiful and inspiring bracelet represents here
i'm totally getting this once i save a little money!

the next couple of things are from the ever awe-inspiring etsy and all the wonderful people that sell on it. you guys already know my deep rooted love for etsy! 

a fantastically hand crafted, hand beaded bib necklace from kankou.
you can find it here

this one is rather simple and predictable but i found it funny. 
 you can find this darling letter press here

this next one i do believe was found through etsy on twitter. yep, i follow etsy on twitter. my obsession has gone quite far. 
i've never seen anything like this, which is strange because i scourer the internet like a fiend, been to a million art shows and fairs and haven't seen anything like it! check it!

did i ever tell you guys how absolutely amazing my quinn is??? well, if not, he is. he always finds the coolest things on the web that he thinks i'd like, and he's always spot on! he know i have a massive love for pinups! i can't get enough, i draw and paint them, i have several books and i love em! just love em! i thought this was so amazing! i've never seen the actual reference photos for my favorite pinups and i was amazed to see that they're really not as perfect as the paintings. i thought that the women that came before us were supreme beings with perfect hips and breasts with ankles that always curved the right way and never looked as awkward as the girls today. wow, was i wrong. these women, yes of coarse, were beautiful, but they were real ladies with real bodies and real curves and divettes just like the rest of us. but they're beautiful still the same! i think this site is just amazing. you can see the rest of them here

this leads me to my next find. it's an article that i found interesting. i'm always interested in this subject. i don't think girls should feel like they don't deserve what they want, especially love, if they don't look like a super skinny super model. so take a peek, it's worth a minute of your reading.

well my lovies, that's all i have for right now. i'll post all my pictures and everything else later on. 
love love love to all of you beautiful people.


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