Saturday, April 9, 2011

This one's for Japan!

Hey all! I seriously did not mean for it to take me a week to get back on here!! Anyway, here's a post that I've wanted to post for weeks and it is all about Arts and Crafts United for Japan.

In case you weren't aware the eBay auction to raise funds for Japanese Tsunami relief started at noon today, and the bids have been rolling in.

I submitted five pieces for the auction, four of which already have bids! [I'm so freaking excited about this! People want to buy my stuff!!]

The first piece I made is a single-strand necklace (currently bidless) with an off-center pendant of two charms. I named it "Trinka Trinka" after the song by OLIVIA.
 The combination of the two-tone crackle glass beads and the glazed crystal-cut glass beads gave a gorgeous sparkly effect and that reminded me of the song and I named it accordingly.
 The pendant is made of two charms that I linked with an oval jump ring.
I think the lavender of the flower and the rhinestones present in both charms tie the whole piece together, don't you?

I made a second necklace for the auction, but it came about rather by accident. I was originally going to use the pendant for the Trinka Trinka necklace but the longer I worked on it the more it became a work of art itself.
 This piece is a collage of adorable Japanese stationery, floral silhouette stickers, and one metallic silver butterfly sealed under layer upon layer of spray resin in a silver-tone frame.
The effect of the collage makes it look as if our heroine is waiting under swaying vines of blossoms as a butterfly flutters past. I am quite proud of this piece despite the numerous setbacks I encountered while making it.

The last three pieces I contributed were unisex bracelets (show some love for the menfolk!).

The first bracelet I designed was inspired by traditional Japanese calligraphy art and woodblock printing. I named it "The Kanji and Flower Print Bracelet" because I am creative (read: unoriginal) like that.

 For the bracelet I used ceramic cylinder beads printed with various kanji and flowers that I found at a craft store.
I spaced the cylinder beads with round and oval glass beads painted to mimic the look of jade. The result was stunning and quite unisex.

For the last two bracelets I got inspired by a very different aspect of Japanese culture; videogames. Namely old-school Nintendo ones.

This bracelet is an ode to sidekicks. Though they're often a hindrance, occasionally try to outshine us, and we mostly really just want to tell them to shut up they sometimes give good advice.
 In this piece the square green beads with the polka dots represent the tainted toadstools.
 These are separated by tiny red and black seed beads nestled between larger white and fogged beach glass seed beads.
The overall effect is quite whimsical and just a tad blocky (in the good way, or course).

 This bracelet is composed entirely of cube beads giving it a pixellated, 8-bit look.
 The colors of this bracelet were chosen based on the concept of rendering the globe in simple 8-bit style.
This image only hints at how bright these beads are. It begs to be seen in person.

And now for some of my favorite pieces in the Arts and Crafts United for Japan eBay Store that I didn't contribute.

This painting is creepily adorable.

I wish I lived in the UK so I could bid on this cake.

I am usually not one for over-sized brooches but this one has stolen my heart.

As has this little frog.

I think this bottle is beautiful.

And anyone who knows me knows my love of cute stationery.

This sculpture makes me smile.

I am in awe of this sketch.

And finally I am up to start an all-out bidding war for this set of hand dyed embroidery thread.
Now why would Coco be interested in such a thing?
Let's just say I've been bored recently.
Bored, and inspired.

Well, I think I've talked your ear off enough for one night. I promise I'll be back again sooner rather than later.

Love & Kisses and I'll love you forever if you bid on something seen here or in the ACU4J eBay store,

P.S: The auction ends Sunday, so get those bids in!
P.P.S: Many thanks to Holly for tweeting the auction so much on ORDERnCHAOSpitt. <3 you~


  1. All of your work is fantastic Colleen. As someone with a fiance with family in Japan I really admire your effort to help out. The items you made are beautiful. However,....I may or may not have nightmares about that hand.

  2. Aw, thank you; though I still have much room for improvement when it comes to my work. And I wanted to do something to help from the moment I found out about the quake, this auction provided a way for me to do so. And what is wrong with Bodacia? Sure she's a little bright pink, and a little... little! But she has feelings! (Just not below the wrist!) <3 C.


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