Thursday, May 26, 2011

d-d-d-douchey post thursday!!!

so it's been a crazy last couple days for me! trying to get a million things done and all kinds of insanity! and to add to my crazy...a bit of unwanted drama. but i promise i won't get into that!!! 

to start off...i'm going to tease coco. with alittle sneaky peek at the piece i made for our art trade like fooooorever ago! 
teehee! you really can't see much buuuuut...once i give it to her, i'll post the entire thing. 

speaking of jewelry, i have a few fun things to share with you. as promised.

hippie's rosary

hippie's rosary vers.#2
night rocker
 pearl and silver

leather and stone
 hippie's disco

i hope you guys like these. they're going to be part of the one-of-a-kind collection O&C is going to have for sale! 
its not friday, i know, but i thought i'd make a frugal friday anyways. i'm really not going to have the time tomorrow, so i'm going to post in today. just pretend it's friday or something :)

TopShop grey blouse
$45 -

Fringe skirt
$12 -

Forever21 strappy platform sandal
$26 -

Dorothy Perkins clutch bag
25 GBP -

TopShop floral jewelry
$40 -

ASOS oversized jewelry
$11 -

Nail Polish
$6 -

that's about it for today kids! 
keep it funky!

1 comment:

  1. I love the owl and the feathers! Cute pieces!

    have a great day!
    - stephanie


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