Tuesday, May 24, 2011

holly's new camera! (photo heavy...duh)

from now on... i'm going to try harder to keep my blog promises. starting now. 
as promised, i'm back with fun things to amuse you. like i told you earlier, i recently bought a brand-spankin'-new camera the other day!!
yea...i named her candice. i name everything, i can't really help it. my guitar's name is katie, my record player's name is lucy, i have a lizard ring named lemmy...alright enough.

 i must warn all of you lovely people before we go any further...there are going to be alot alot alot of photos in this post...so if your connect is shit. read no further until you have a better connection. you have been warned.

here we go...

i figure i could start out with some photos of art that i've been working on recently...this one is one that i started like seriously about 2 years ago. it was right after i graduated from college and i wasn't happy with where it was going, so i never touched it again. but i'm pretty happy with the path its taking as of now.

 oh dear...this one. i'm so in love with this piece right now. it's not finished either, and the only thing that is keeping me from finishing it, is the fact that i can't figure out what else it is that i'd like to do with it. i'll get it though, i've just got to break through this creative wall i've got going on at the moment.

 well, while i'm at it, sharing my art...i may as well share my little studio space i've got in my room at the moment.
 its a crazy space, i know. but i could spend every waking moment in there just doing a million crafts and painting all day!! you've got to create a space like that thou. you've got to have a space to work in that you're absolutely in love with and that inspires you everytime you walk in there. my mother used to say that she could sit in there for a million years and never see everything. she'd always see something new each time she walked in my room, and it's always forever changing. i love my space.

 last week, my dear jessi spent an evening over my house and we spent the time crafting. go figure right??? ha! i love when we get together, because regardless of the time in between when we see each other never matters. nothing changes with us. and she's always VERY forward with me, if i'm being a dick... you best believe she's going to fucking tell me!! i love her. this picture is my favorite...
speaking of things i love...

my darling quinn (suprisingly) has let me snap a few photos of him with my new camera...and he even smiled!
even though the last one was blurry i really like it. he was outside helping my dad put something together. he's so cute! <3

and some more photos of something that i absolutely adore and can't stand to be away from... my kitty cat. buffy cat. yes, she was named after buffy the vampire slayer. i was REALLY into that show when i got her.
 she too fucking cue. i can't stand it. and the fact that she poses for me...makes my heart just swoon!

well everyone... that's about it for today. i don't want to over whelm you too too much. i've got tons more photos for you later on this week. but just to tease you... i've got another for you.
mushroom charms....

keep it funky!


  1. This was such a cute post! I loved looking at all the pictures!!! :)

  2. Your cat is flippin' adorable! The last shot looks so much like Jiji from Kiki's delivery service <3. - (Obviously) C.

  3. I KNOW! she def does!!! haha! and thanks you! <3333 H.


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