Thursday, May 5, 2011

douchey post thursday volume 3

i think its my favorite day of the week...

aey-o! (colleen, its a reference to that ridiculous alice game)...the last few days i've been catching up on past episodes of one of my favorite podcasts citizen radio and hearing about all the fucking ridiculousness that is our governments. any way... their episode for easter the had a audio clip of this guy playing cello and beatboxing AT THE SAME TIME!!! i was blown away... here it is...
i hope you guys enjoy it as much as i did. 

this past tuesday, i got together with coco and we had 'tag making tuesday'...which really didn't end up with as much productivity as i'd originally hoped, but we had a nice day just catching up with everything that's been going and i think i made 2 tags. she made a gorgeous necklace, that i hope she posts soon (wink, wink).

i really haven't had much time lately to work on alot of projects and i do apologize. i'll be trying to squeeze some in this weekend, thought i do believe my weekend is mostly full. well, let's put it this way, i hope to be squeezing things in. ha! 
i have been working on a painting, that when once its finished i'll post photos here. there's a few other art projects that i have in the works at the moment along with somethings that i need to finish for gifts. so if i'm a little quiet the next few days you'll know why. i think i may just shut myself in my house and get everything done the just write a HUGE post. 
like i've been so busy recently, that i haven't even had time to stalk the internet... but i do have a stack of business cards from tekkoshocon and the zombie walk that i'm going to do alittle research on and hopefully you guys can send them some love. 

well i think that's all i've got for today. but please send some love and support over the jamie and allison over @ citizen radio and also the ever talented kolusola over at the youtube :)
check it out, its really informative infused with some of the funniest people i've heard in a good while. 


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