Thursday, May 5, 2011

Douchey Post Thursday! NOW WITH MOAR NYAN CAT!

Yeah so yesterday on the Facebook page I promised a post about Tag Sewing Tuesday and other such nonsense. Well, I am currently running a bit short on time so I'm gonna post something else instead; progress shots of my nyan cat sampler. Why? Because I can. (And because I feel really bad about not posting for so long.) This project was completed over the course of four days with me doing literally nothing else besides stitching and going to work.

I think I got this much done the first night.
Then the next morning I filled in the poptart.
Then came the rainbow that night after work (my house has awful lighting).
In-progress shot of the rainbow for a friend.
Moar rainbow.
Even moar rainbow.
Moar rainbow and some sparkles. Also, my bedsheets.
Finished rainbow and sparkles.
Logo, letters, sparkles.
The finished sampler in still in it's cute pink hoop, mere moments before the clock struck midnight.

The piece has now had the edges trimmed with pinking shears to prevent fraying and awaits framing before I attempt to find it a good home. If you would care to make an offer on the piece message me through the Order & Chaos Facebook or just keep checking back for me to list it on eBay or (hopefully) our soon-to-come Etsy shop.

Well, that is all I have for you at the moment. I really do promise a real update soon! I swear!


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