Monday, May 2, 2011

holly's book wishlist...

hey all you crafty darlings!

so i've been scouring the internet alot recently and lusting after a bunch of books. i really don't know what that's about, but i thought i'd share them with you!! 

 my dad told me about this one. he's kind of a NRP addict... and that's where he finds most of the neato things he tells me about. it sounds really interesting and i've always been into anything to do with medicine (and murder).
you can read more about it on amazon.

this one looks pretty cool. there's a really adorable pattern for a fabric baby book that i think i'm going to make for quinn's neice. she at that perfect age where i can make cute things and she'll think they're aaaaaamazing! find it here
aaaaaaaaahhhh! i want thisiiiiiiissssss! oh. my. gosh. this looks like the fucking cutest thing ever...there's so many adorable projects hidden behind these flimsy paper pages. and i want them all. find it here.

have i ever told you guys about my maaaaasive art crush on mr. brian froud??? prob not... he was one of the concept artist's for the movie labyrinth (yaknow the one with david bowie's penis). yea, that one. i've always been really inspired by his artwork. one of my instructors in school had this book and i should have stolen it, but i sorta have morals every once in a while. weeeeird. find it here.

 sooo the crushes continue... amanda fucking palmer. woah. this goes along with her album with the same title. it's a book of photographs as amanda palmer as a corpse. do you really need anything else? no. you don't. find it here.
doesn't this just look super fun, just by the cover??? well, its filled with fun projects with sewing, photo transfers and all kinds of neat shit. and she's hula-hooping, awesome cover. find it here... 

 every one says that hands are the hardest thing to draw. i'm one of those weird people that FUCKING LOVES drawing hands. i like the challege. hands have always facinated and slightly freaked me out. i like to draw them, and this book looks awesome! i've flipped through a couple of pages and i like what i see. find it here.

that's about it for today kiddos. i'm spending time with coco tomorrow and we're going to sew tags and watch weird movies! can't wait!!!!


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