Monday, May 23, 2011

just a little update... more to come!

hello lovies!!!

so here's the dealio.... today and tomorrow i'm going to FORCE myself to blog! haha! i know its been super quiet around these parts lately and i do apologize. i'm going to be doing alittle revamping of our blog tonight as i pass the time here in C3. so be on the look out for some changes and some suuuuper fun things! i've got tons and tons of projects i am working on and i know the other girls have got some tricks up their sleeves as well. we're all busy with our own mess of lives and all of the projects we've got going. we're building up an inventory and going to be getting things out to you soon! 

loads of pictures will be coming your way very very very soon
and yes, i'm quite aware i do look alittle strange in this photo, but i like what i was wearing and i just HAD to take a typic myspace pic!!! 

keep it funky!

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